WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 12/22/12 (Best of Episode)

Dec 24, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 12/22/12


The show opens with an animated short of CM Punk trying to light a Christmas tree with a WWE logo as the star on top of the tree. He gets madder and madder that the tree won’t light and gets a punch in for face and a “You Can’t See Me” taunt from John Cena and the leader of Cenation lights the tree on his first attempt.


From there we cut to John Cena playing the maestro in the center of the ring as the entire locker is on the top of the ramp as they sing a WWE version of Jingle bells. Here are the lyrics.

Dashing to the show,

So we can entertain,

O’er top ropes we’ll go

Hope I land on Kane (Damien Sandow)

Funk is on a roll (Brodus Clay)

When you step into that ring (AJ Lee)

Yes No Yes No…Ok Yes…I’m not going to sing that (Kane & Daniel Bryan)


Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell

The season’s here no doubt

We won’t stop until we win

Or I’m gonna knock you out (Big Show)

We go out to compete

All alone, or in a pair (Randy Orton & Prime Time Players)

I can’t eat enough red meat (Ryback)

We fly through the air (Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara)

I’m the best in this whole world (CM Punk)

I know that is not true (Sheamus)

Excuse me, don’t you start a fight (Vickie Guerrero)

Can you dig it? You sing too! (Booker T)

Ring the bell

Ring the bell

We hope you’re inspired

If you aren’t entertained

Vince will say your fired (Animated Vince McMahon)


-The Miz vs. Justin Gabriel (from 10/13/12)

 The Miz opens up with a hip toss on Gabriel and follows up with an arm drag and calls for the approval of the crowd. Miz delivers a huge body slam and shows boats some more. Gabriel comes back and lands a hip toss, arm drag and body slam and covers him for a two count. Gabriel attempts a crucifix pin but only gets a two count. Gabriel attempts an Irish whip but Miz reverses it and Gabriel hits the corner buckle hard.

Miz takes control with a vertical suplex and covers Gabriel for a two count. Miz lands a belly to back suplex but still, only gets a two count. Miz attempts the running kick to the head but Gabriel ducks and rolls up Miz for a two count and follows up with a flying shoulder tackle off the ropes. Gabriel attempts a springboard moonsault off the top rope but comes up empty. Miz quickly hits the Skull Crushing Finale to seal the deal.

Winner: The Miz


“Please don’t try this at home” PSA from Dolph Ziggler


– Rey Mysterio vs. Michael McGillicutty (From 10/6/12)


Before the match began, McGillicutty made fun of Mysterio’s height as he was walking to the ring. The match opens with McGillicutty backing Rey into the corner and drops to his knees and puts his dukes while making fun of Rey’s height some more. McGillicutty drills Rey with a shoulder tackle and flexes his biceps while yelling “He’s just a little guy.”


McGillicutty drills him with another shoulder tackle and bounces off the ropes while Rey ducks down. Rey gets up and moves out of the way while McGillicutty keeps bouncing off the ropes while Rey watches. A few more seconds go by and McGillicutty finally realizes he has been embarrassed. McGillicutty pushes Rey, Rey leg kicks McGillicutty, McGillicutty knees Rey in the stomach and throws him out of the ring. Rey rolls through it, lands on his feet and does some jumping jacks. McGillicutty goes outside the ring but Rey out runs him and hits a seated senton from the apron and we go to commercial.



Back form the commercial break and McGillicutty is down in the corner while Rey has the crowd chanting “6-1-9.” Rey whips McGillicutty into the opposite corner and charges in but McGillicutty moves out of the way causing Rey to hit his head on the turnbuckle. McGillicutty takes control and outs the boots to him and applies a reverse bear hug to Rey. Rey fights up but McGillicutty cuts him off with a back breaker. McGillicutty picks up Rey and yells “What do you think of your little man now?” and nails him with another backbreaker.


McGillicutty applies a regular bear hug but Rey is able to fight out of it and hits McGillicutty with a seated senton from the top rope. Rey follows it up with a head scissors takeover and climbs to the rope but McGillicutty cuts him off and Rey winds up sitting on McGillicutty’s shoulders. Rey’s twists his body and attempts a sunset pin but McGillicutty kicks out and tries his own pin attempt for a two count.


McGillicutty charges at Rey but is caught with a drop toe hold into the second rope. Rey attempts the 6-1-9 but McGillicutty gets up and lands a back kick to Rey’s stomach. McGillicutty tries to take a breather but Rey leg kicks him and McGillicutty flips up over and take the bump just like his father used to do. McGillicutty gets tangled up and seated on the second rope and Rey hits the 6-1-9 to the rear end of McGillicutty and drops the dime for the three count.


Winner: Rey Mysterio

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