McCool on Nattie: Tension, Teaching how to “wrestle”, near-death, fighting for fairness‏

Dec 23, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

First Meeting: “We kind of got off on a rough start (and i laugh about
it now, we tease each other now). I remember we had a production
meeting, and it was her first day there. I don’t talk during
production meetings, people don’t generally say anything. She raises
her hand and says she just wants to give everyone a tip on how to keep
self-tanner on longer. At the time, I’m like, are you kidding me right
now? She’s got nerve! I wish I had some of that, just an ounce of it
in me to just be like: “Yeah, I’ve got something to say!” That was my
very first encounter with her.”

Teaching Nattie how to “Wrestle”: “Apparently, something got all over
the Internet about me trying to teach her how to ‘wrestle’ and all of
this other stuff — which was completely false, as many things on the
Internet are. But word got around, and there was nobody around the
ring at the time, so it was just one of those things where ‘who felt
the need to go to the Internet and start this stuff?’ It was just kind
of shady. It was just kind of unspoken… there was a little bit of
tension there. I don’t know if she thought I did it, or if she did it.
A couple weeks went by, we sat down and talked about it and actually
became really good friends.”

Polar Opposites: “We have two very, very different personalities. I’m
more reserved, soft-spoken, and I have to get warmed up to people
before I open up to them — and she’s completely opposite.”

Working with Nattie: “Obviously, she’s a great worker. That’s beyond
words. She’s constantly showing up to the ring — you know when
Nattie’s in the building, because she comes running down the ramp,
slides in the ring and tries to leg-pick or take them down in some
form or fashion. Which is awesome!”

Storyline with Nattie: “So, it was pretty late in my career, right
before LayCool broke up. She was definitely fun to work with, a total
team player. She would come up with stuff she’d want us to use. She’d
be like: “Hey! Why don’t you say this about me?!” And we’d be like…
really? We did her dad’s goatee thing, and she showed us all of that.
She gave us other way on how to impersonate her dad, her or Bret. She
was the one feeding us material, just showing us the type of business
she’s willing to do. She knows what’s good for the business and knows
that it’s just a character on TV.”

Trusting Nattie: “We could trust that the ideas we were pitching off
one another weren’t going to be automatically shut down because she
was going to end up saying something else. We really worked together,
coming up with storylines, how to keep things going, fighting for
every pay-per-view, fighting to get on TV. She was always willing to
do something above and beyond. She just got it.”

Tables Match: “Our program ended at TLC. Fit Finley came up to us and
told us we had a table’s match, and we told him to shut up — we
didn’t believe it. We were always told that WWE didn’t want the girls
to wrestle like the guys, your punches can’t look too good, and you
can’t do punches or kicks, all of these guidelines, so we definitely
didn’t think we were going to get a Tables match.”

Rehearsal for TLC/Near-death experience: “We had rehearsal the night
before the pay-per-view, put some ideas together, go through some
stuff — and oh, my gosh! You can ask Nattie: I’ve never had a
near-death experience in my life until that night. It was so
super-scary. I remember I was going to pull Nattie up in the corner
for my Faith Breaker, off the top turnbuckle. Somehow, I go to pull
her up, and we both tumble over the outside. All I’m thinking about is
protecting her, but I’m looking down and my head is about to land on
the apron and I’m about to break my neck, literally. My toes are
curled over the top rope, just so that I can hold onto the both of
us… I can see in slow-motion, Randy Orton, who was at ringside, is
running over to help. Fit is across the ring and can’t help, and Arn
Anderson was there — literally, we almost died. It was absolutely
terrifying. But did it stop us from doing it? No. We figured it
possibly couldn’t happen twice… right?”

Fighting for Nattie: “I remember fighting like crazy for Nattie to get
the spotlight in that match, because not everybody was fighting for
that. I thought: she’s the one that helped us; she’s the one that we
were picking on during this whole storyline. She should be the one
that pushes us through the table, she should be the one that gets her
hand raised — she should be the one that puts LayCool to shame. She
deserves this. And it was like, this hard, hard battle. That was her
moment and I don’t think it would have been fair for anybody else to
take that away from her or for anyone to try and take that away from


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