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WWE Network

WWE is in negotiations with at least one investment company to partner up for the new WWE Network according to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The current programming vision of the network is also said to have changed greatly. The last public comments by WWE about the proposed network is that they intend to make it available on all platforms on a subscription basis.

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  1. The Sheild says:

    If it’s not WWE’s version of Netflix then idk what they’re going for.

  2. jim says:

    I’m done with wrestling if it’s a pay channel

  3. craig says:

    Wwe. Ur filthy rich. And millions love u. How about a real present for the new year and give us a new free channel to enjoy. Because I already know this is gonna go people who’ve seen the attitue era won’t pay to relive histroy yet again. Plus with all the DVDs coming out about raw there’s simply no reason to pay money to see what’s in ur room already for free at ur disposal. Think Vince. Seriously. If u just only think about dollar

    signs ur gonna lode yhe

  4. craig says:

    Ur.gonna lose major die hard fan support. I love wwe and have since I was a kid but if u guys can’t even fund a free network then it looks like hulk Hogans gonna beat u this year. Which is sad cause impact sucks is so much crap anymore its not even funny. Not that they were ever a diamond to begin with.

  5. Sweet says:

    The biggest reason for going the premium route is because it’s difficult for any independently-owned, single channel to get picked up by cable and satellite providers. Even epix, which is owned by Viacom, Lionsgate and MGM, isn’t on many systems. I think WWE waited five years too long to consider their own channel. Even if they offer lower-tier PPVs free, fans may want it, but cable companies wouldn’t because of losing their cut of PPV revenue.

  6. jj fact says:

    What us fans thing the network is going to offer and what WWE wants the network to offer are probably two different things. I would highly doubt they would give away a ppv or even broadcast a house show. I have a feeling we’ll be on here complaining that the marine is on 5 times a week and they aren’t showing enough actual wrestling from present or the past. I really think they should revamp their classics on demand format. And relaunch an online service before dealing with the cable corporations. They changed the online service they had when they changed their website. And both are just terrible.

  7. ManWhale! says:

    I love it can’t wait to order it man 24-7 cena

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