Michelle McCool interview: talks personal about Kelly Kelly‏

Dec 22, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

from Josie:


So, we’ve all survived the Mayan apocalypse. Now what? Celebrate, of
course! And what better way than with another MichelleMcCool.Net
Exclusive? So, let?s see: since 2005, MichelleMcCool.Net has done over
50 exclusive projects with Michelle — including interviews, vlogs,
blogs, live chats, fan giveaways, and more. What could we possibly
have up our sleeve this time? Well, brace yourselves: this one will
get them talking!

Michelle’s going on the record to talk about her former counterparts
— yes, the WWE Divas! From stories on the road, in the locker room,
from backstage, to in-your-face encounters as told by the Pride of
Palatka herself!

We call it: “12 Days of Divas.” Every day, for twelve days, we’ll post
a new clip that features Michelle sharing personal stories regarding
her old colleagues. At the end of our 12-day exclusive, the clips will
be available in full, and free to download.

Kicking things off, we have Michelle talking about K2, Kelly Kelly! Enjoy!

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