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WWE owed millions by THQ

In the THQ bankruptcy filings, World Wrestling Entertainment is owed $45 million.

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  1. ManWhale says:

    It’s not like they need the money, didn’t linda say she was done campaigning? I’m sure vinnie mac will be fine with waiting on that chunk of cash.

  2. Jono K says:

    I know its small in the WWE scale, but that’s a heck of alot of money!

  3. Games Yo says:

    WWE 15

    EA Sports it’s in The Game

  4. Roger B says:

    Yes but all the talented wrestlers are not going to get their owed royalties. That’s who this is going to hurt.

  5. Chris James says:

    I really want another company to pick up the game. Just think how incredible it could potentially be. Because THQ ain’t delivering.

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