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Sin Cara needs surgery


Two days after being attacked by The Shield on SuperSmackDown LIVE, Sin Cara tweeted Thursday that he will undergo surgery. The masked Superstar offered no specifics on the procedure or the extent of his injury, though it was previously reported The Shield’s ambush caused a right knee injury that was described as “serious.”

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  1. Nick A says:

    Time for Sin Cara 3.0?

  2. MrFury559 says:

    Whatever happened to,” Triple H won’t debut new talent until there’s a dedicated plan for them”? The pairing with Mysterio aside, and as much as I loved Mistico, there’s just nothing to make us care about Sin Cara.

  3. thatGuy says:

    *insert beat to death “Botch Cara” joke here*

  4. jim says:

    I’m more over than sin cara

  5. goh says:

    sin cara sells more masks than you ugly FOOLS at hallaween

    get well soon sin

  6. Con Cara says:

    @jim Yeah, I’m pretty sure the only one who gets excited when you enter a room is your dog. Stupid comment anyway, anyone who’s ever been to a WWE event knows Sin Cara is pretty popular.

  7. Joe says:

    @Con Cara. Sin Cara is somewhat popular, but not as popular as they wanted to build him up to be. They wanted him to be one of the main faces in the company along with John Cena. But they’ve had to keep him at a mid card level because of how overwhelmingly bad he’s been in the WWE.

  8. Joey says:

    So wait, was this from a botch Sin Cara made or was it from Seth Rollins coming down off the top rope? I know everyone wants to point and laugh a Sin Cara because he’s Sin Cara but… you know…

  9. Philip says:

    Sin Cara needs someone he can work with. I saw him at the Royal Rumble and at RAW #1000. It’s like he’s waiting for the guy to get in position.

  10. Hipnosis says:

    Mysterio’s Left vs Sin Cara’s Right at WRESTLEMANIA lol

  11. Kyle Christie says:

    Guys Sin Cara can work with is Hunico and Drew McIntyre. Cara had a couple of brilliant matches on Superstars earlier in the year with Drew.

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