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Mike Tyson on never being asked to work dream with Steve Austin

Mike Tyson was interviewed by ESPN. In the interview, he is asked…

Q. Were you disappointed that the WWE only wanted you as a special enforcer and that you never got your match against Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Mike Tyson: No, no way. Anything they gave me, I was just very grateful to be a part of. I’m just very grateful to be a part of that stuff, but I used to like Big Show, and Floyd can’t beat Big Show in a fight, and that doesn’t make boxing look good, you know what I mean? It doesn’t make wrestling look good. They should’ve had Big Show choke Floyd out or something. Gorilla Monsoon slammed Muhammad Ali, and you’re telling me Floyd, who is 140 pounds, that he’s going to beat a 500-pound guy like that? C’mon man. When you step into their field, you have to let them be kings in their field. Gorilla Monsoon slammed Muhammad Ali. Andre The Giant kicked Chuck Wepner’s butt, right? So don’t bring guys into their field and make them look bad on their own mat. I don’t like that. From a fan’s perspective, I didn’t like that.

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  1. Motorhead says:

    damn. Say what you want about tyson, i’ve always been a big fan, even when i bet against him, but he knows his wrestling. His boxing history is insane but his knowledge of wrestling is impressive. If only more fans understood the game like tyson. He’s been a fan since childhood and had a real dream come true in 1997 though he largely did it for money and vince did it for attention. And he’s right. I hated that match and how it was booked.

  2. Scott says:

    Mike Tyson gets it, that’s for sure

  3. Obie says:

    @motorhead Which match are you talking about.. the BS/Mayweather or SC/HBK? i read tysons quote and take from it that he sounds like he thinks the sc/hbk match was done right bc it did not involve him in the ring. IMO i dont know how u cud book a match much better than that one. It was very well planned and executed.

  4. Chris James says:

    Worst part is I bet you Floyd didn’t appreciate it.

  5. Motorhead says:

    i was writing of the mayweather/show match. I couldn’t agree more about sc/hbk. One of the most important and best matches ever. The mayweather/show bout was a disgrace. Mayweather should’ve lost by last second ko and THEN knocked show out w the knucks. Three chokeslams on scrawney mayweather would have been a believable ko finish. Or through a table. Idk. Show should’ve won. Tyson has it dead right.

  6. David says:

    It is hard to know what to think of the man but he is a true wrestling fan. He can see what makes wrestling great and knows how going against that takes away from wrestling.

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