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Who attacked John Cena on Raw?

The grappler who came out with AJ Lee and attacked John Cena at the end of Raw was developmental talent Big E. Langston.

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  1. What? says:

    Yeah, we know. They said it on the show.

  2. Hipnosis says:

    Once you go Ryblack…. you never go Ryback!

  3. jason says:

    I hope he at least has some charisma or else he will be another Lashley. God he sucked.

  4. Todd says:

    john cena’s friend in real life. check out the youtube clip of cena’s gym, “big e” breaks cena’s bench press record!!

  5. ironFNmaiden says:


    BUT…..Wrestlemania we saw them being buddy buddy and working out together…….wtf

  6. ironFNmaiden says:

    lincoln broderick would have been better though

  7. Fisha695 says:


    Actually at first with the gear design I thought it was somebody connected to the Nation of Domination given the “random stars from the past” theme that was going on.

  8. Fahim Abrar says:

    I’ve watched this guy on NXT…he was another Ryback type gimmick with the ‘five’ chants. It sucked. I don’t know how he will be as a heel. Just another generic black big guy I guess, John Cena’s TV program!!

  9. Meh says:

    The grappler who came out with AJ Lee and attacked John Cena at the end of Raw was NXT roster talent Big E. Langston.

  10. ManWhale says:

    Don’t know anything about this guy, anybody know if he’s good?

  11. david r. says:

    @hipnosis- LMAO!
    @Manwhale- he is ok, I guess, if you have that Vince-like fetish for muscle dudes.

  12. Kerry says:

    I turned on Raw just as this was going on & thought Marcus Cor Von (Monty Brown) had returned to wrestling.

  13. Boogeyman says:

    Monty brown meets mark Henry meets big zeke

  14. Mr. Black says:

    Kassius Ohno would have been a better choice, but I’ll take it. Big E isn’t as boring and generic as you all think he is.

  15. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Was looking at the nxt roster page, start a stable with: Erick Rowan, J Bronson, Knuckles Madsen, Luke Harper, Sylvester Lefort & TAC, led by Bray Wyatt, call them the CLINK!, perfect compliment to the Shield, hahahahaha!

  16. deathedge says:


    That’s exactly what I was thinking!


    I’d imagine that if Kassius Ohno gets brought in, it would be as a fourth member of the Shield. Of course, that’s also me playing fantasy booker…

  17. deathedge says:

    BTW, isn’t Big E the current NXT champ? I know the episode he won it on hasn’t aired yet, but I recall reading he had won it.

  18. snowpanth says:

    that move looked like it hurt Big E alot more then it did Cena

  19. Fisha695 says:

    So not to go there (but to go there)…

    RyBack comes in and gets pushed to the moon & thrown into the WWE title picture right away.

    RyBlack comes in looks to be in line for a moderate push and will get nowhere near the WWE title picture for atleast the next 4 months as WWE already has their title plans laid-out with Punk & Rock.

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