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Announced before the PPV started

Best Dancer – Brodus Clay

Best Social Media Ambassador – Charlie Sheen video of the Year – Jerry Lawler’s comeback vbideo

Best Chant – Feed Me More

Upset of the Year – Daniel Bryan beating Big Show and Mark Henry in a cage match at the Royal Rumblle

Diva of the Year – A.J. Lee

Insult of the Year – A John Cena promo

Facial Hair of the Year – Daniel Bryan

Youtube show of the year – Zack Ryder

Tweet of the Year – Daniel Bryan

Feat of Strength of the Year – Sheamus doing the White Noise to Big Show

Double cross of the Year – Big Show turning on the fans knocking out John Cena in the Laurinaitis match

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9 Responses

  1. sicbink says:

    Facial Hair of the Year? Really? What a waste of time.

  2. Motorhead says:

    what exactly is insult of the year and why is a cens promo the winner? Insult to us as fans of a dramatic product or kayfabe insult? And which cena promo, the star wars themed promo from a few months back that was so bad it was edited out of the overseas broadcast? Sorry, just totally confused.

  3. twitter_ROB_MOR says:

    Superstar of the year?

  4. The Name Of The Game says:

    When is The Rock back so i know when to watch this crap again.

  5. What? says:

    …will be announced on Raw with all the others deemed more important by WWE instead of getting blown off on the pre-show. Have some patience.

  6. Lachlan says:

    Best Chant should be YES!

  7. ROB_MOR says:

    Couldn’t sleep last night. The Slammy’s make me restless.

  8. Kerry says:

    Insult of the Year – ANY John Cena promo


  9. lll says:


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