12/14 NWA Smoky Mountain Results

Dec 16, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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NWA Smoky Mountain Results
Friday, December 14, 2012
Mount Carmel @ the Armed Forces center

1. Jeff Connelly & Air America (Skylar Kruze & Gavin Daring) defeated Alyx Winters, Matt Conard & Wade Adams when Connelly made Adams submit to the Connelly Crossface

2. Daniel Mulligan, Mike Cooper, Bryan Wayne & Elliot Russell defeated Brad Cash, J-Mac & Assassins when Mulligan pinned Assassin #2 after a diving headbutt

3. NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason Kincaid defeated Zac Vincent

4. The Illuminati (Tony Givens & Chris Richards) defeated Josh Crawford & Johnny Knieval to become the New NWA Tennessee Tag Team Champions
— In the closing moments of the match, Tony Givens went to the floor and grabbed a steel chair. As he attempted to return to the ring with the weapon in hand, Chase Owens ran from the locker room and grabbed the chair from Givens. A tug of war ensued between Givens and Owens… As this was going on, Johnny Knieval attempted to dive from the ring onto Givens. However, Owens won the tug of war over the chair with Givens, pulling him out of the way of the diving Johnny Knieval, who in turn, landed hard on concrete floor… With Knieval hurt on the outside of the ring, the Illuminati’s double teaming proved to be too much for Josh Crawford to handle. Despite his best efforts, He was pinned by Givens following a series of moves by the Illuminati.

5. NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Chase Owens defeated Sigmon with his old “Done Deal” Suplex Finisher.

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