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ROH Weekly Show 12/08/12






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We start the show with some tag team action…..

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Riley vs The Bravado Brothers

This is the first time we are seeing Fish and Kyle tagging together.  They will be facing The American Wolves at Final Battle.  The real question is will Eddie Edwards comeback from Japan and team with Davey Richards to reform the American Wolves, or will Davey be left standing alone.  The start the match with The Code of Honor handshake, but the Bravado are then jumped from behind.  No honor.  No a bad match with Harlan Bravado really hanging with Fish and Kyle.  At one point he hit a standing back flip moonsault onto them outside of the ring.  But they were just too much for the Bravados.  Total elimination was hit  for the win.


Winners- Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Riley

Backstage we see S.C.U.M who are Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs the ROH World Tag Team Champions sitting with a mic.  The tell us that Nigel McGenius thinks he is smart by making them defend their World Titles at Final Battle in a 3 way sudden death match.  Well he is wrong.  They are smarter than him and they will find a way out of there with their titles.  The camera pans down and we find Kevin Steen sitting on the floor holding his ROH World Title.  He says that Nigel thinks he is smart for bringing El Generico in to ROH.  But the only thing he did by bring Generico in is end Generico’s career.  Fade to Black.

We now see a flashback to the last two years betweeen the feud of El Generico and Kevin Steen.  They were the best of friends, teamates.  Then Steen turned on Generico and never looked back.  After battle after battle after battle Generico went away.  For 7 months he was gone.  Until one day Steen opened a package delivered to him and in it was El Generico’s mask!!!  Amazing.  This battle Sunday will be one for the ages.

Back to the ring….

Chris Silvio vs Jay Lethal

Before the match starts Lethal grabs a mic and says he is getting screwed here in ROH.  He has become the whipping boy just because he has brought out some killer instict.  He does not understand why he has to wrestle Rhino at Final Battle when he has nothing to gain from this, Nothing!  He says he will wrestle Rhino, but he will also fight the World Champion at Final Battle, whomever that may be.  Interesting.  No handshake here Lethal jumps right in on Silvo.  Lethal lays him out and then this a springboard dropkick to a sitting Silvo.  Lethal then clothslines Silvio over the top rope and on to the floor outside.  Outside he spends a few minutes just beating the hell out of Silvio.  Back in the ring Silvio takes over.  He pulls some tape off of his arms and begins to choke Lethal with it.  The Ref is allowing this, and Lethal is in trouble.  Lethal gets out of it and hit a Lethal combination followed by a craddle DDT for the win.


Winner-Jay Lethal

Main Event

ROH World Title Match

ROH World Champion Kevin Steen


The Prodigy Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob Evans



Bennett comes out first without Maria.  He does not want her anywhere near S.C.U.M, understandably.  Steen is out and the crowd loves him.  The bell rings and Steen attacks Bennett.  After two full steam clotheslines he hits him with a cannon ball followed by a clothesline out of the ring.  Outside the ring Steen goes to work.  He takes Bennett’s head and rams it into the barrier over and over.  After the Ref goes out to get him and make them come back into the ring, Bennett enter first.  Steen is right behind him, but Evans grabs his boot making Steen look back.  This is jus the advantage Bennett needs.  Steen turns around and walks right into a spinebuster from Bennett!!  Bennett then tosses Steen out of the ring and follows him quickly.  Outside he works him over badly.  Steen is winded and looking rough.  They make their way back in and Bennett lands a dropkick on Steen.  Steen rises to his feet and the two begin to exchange punches.  Steen take advantage and the exchange does changes into a beating form Steen.  Steen the takes Bennett out on the outside of the ropes and hits a spike DDT on Bennett.  Cover………2 count!!  Steen goes for a moonsault from the second rope and misses, Bennett follows with a spear and a cover…..2 count!  Steen comes back and tosses Bennett out over the top rope onto his trainer Evans.  Steen jumps out and Powerbombs Bennett onto the apron!!  Sick!  Back in the ring Steen hits the Package Piledriver for the win.


Winner-ROH World Champion Kevin Steen

After the match Steen grabs a mic and tells Nigel that he has faced and Beaten everyone they put against him.  And he says he keeps hearing Jay Lethal complaining that he is not getting a title shot.  Steen says that is Lethal’s stupid mother’s fault.  Out comes Lethal and he looks like he want to kiill Steen.  5 or 6 refs are holding him back.  We will see what happens at Final Battle.




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