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Scott Steiner drops lawsuit against TNA

Scott Steiner officially dropped his counter-suit against TNA Wrestling, alleging non-payment of royalties and a lack of accounting for the royalties. Steiner dropped the suit in a letter to the court on 12/10. The suit was officially dropped on 12/12.


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  1. Seasrmar says:

    and… Steiner will be reveal as member of Aces and Eights.

  2. SimpleMark says:

    ^^^^^ Now that wouldve been interesting if they would’ve not silenced him on Twitter.. If he would’ve still been slamming the company and Hogan this whole time like he did before the lawsuit, that would grab my attention. I think he’s been silent too long now for most people to care or be drawn into it. If he shows back up with his Twitter rants, them i think they will have shown their hand(no pun intended) and it won’t fly.

    I’m not sure what their plans are for this whole thing but they’ve missed the mark a couple of times in my book.. Devon was a decent surprise but they missed out with Joseph Park/Abyss.. I think the Park match with the A&8 member recently would’ve been the perfect time to reveal Park as a member as bring the Abyss character back..

    I think they could’ve had an Impact with Bully Ray being a member and turning on sting recently but that may have been expected.. They may be heading towards AJ Styles being a part of it with what they’re doing with him right now..

    All that said, maybe they have bigger and better plans than we even know of, but I doubt it.. It’s dragging out too long.. I tell ya, the perfect rabbit out of the hat they could pull would be Ric Flair being revealed as the leader.. The motorcycle gang doesn’t fit him, but with all that’s gone on with Flair and TNA, no one would see that one coming..

    Anyway, TNA is TNA and I’ve come to expect the least..

  3. mike says:

    Acrually Jeff Jarrett is the leader…..he is going to make his comeback soon

  4. mike says:


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