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Spoiler: Current plan for the world title at Wrestlemania 29

The current plan for the World Heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania 29 in April is for Sheamus to defend the strap against Randy Orton (with Orton turning heel, which is Orton’s wish)

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  1. Science & Violence says:

    She gets what she wants.

  2. -J- says:

    if blandy doesn’t get injured yet again.

  3. Bob Barker says:

    Nothing on Dolph to cash in and win the title?

  4. ZZ-Topp says:

    Ive gotta say this is a good idea, heel orton will make him look great again and this should be perfect for Sheamus to finally get that big match at Mania. I see Big Show retaining the title untill elimination Chamber where big show will be eliminated by ryback ( thus setting up Ryback vs Big Show) And as for Dolph Ziggler, I think he needs just one more big feud untill he can cash in. And i personelly wouldnt mind if he waited to cash in until about a month before the contract expireds.

  5. Dragon says:

    Now the trick is 3+ months of keeping clean. so in other words this ideas in the trash

  6. vicvenom says:

    all talk, we all know sheamus can’t have a match against anybody other than Alberto del Rio. It’s sacrilege otherwise!

  7. Joe says:

    Im glad to hear about Orton turning heel, but they shouldn’t be shafting Ziggler.

  8. Hipnosis says:

    Finally Randy will be fun to watch again lol

  9. DBRude says:

    Too bad they couldn’t get Mcintyre over. I’m still waiting to a feud between he and Orton.

  10. DBRude says:

    * see

  11. ROB_MOR says:

    Combine those titled already.

  12. Geoff says:

    Oh yeah. then have sheamus win clean over boreton and let ziggler cash in on the night.

  13. goh says:


    orton is one of the best in the busness and shamus is never going to be poplar

  14. Chris James says:

    That’s what you get for kicking Bryan before he was ready, sheamus. I was there. You sucker kicked em, bully.

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