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Spoilers: WWE Main Event Taping Results

Report by Zim &

From Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Dark Match

1. Zack Ryder defeated a local wrestler. Zim is an indy fan and didn’t recognize the local wrestler. He noted that the local wrestler was not impressive during the match.

WWE Main Event

Michael Cole and The Miz built up the Ryback vs. Alberto Del Rio match. Richardo Rodriguez introduced a video package for Alberto Del Rio that was interrupted by Ryback.

1. Ryback defeated Alberto Del Rio. Ryback won with Shellshocked in a pretty solid match. Ryback is over, no doubt.

3MB came to the ring and complained about not being invited to perform at the 12/12/12 benefit concert. They received more of a reaction than I expected. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd interrupted, talked a little, and the match was on. 3-2 handicap match

2. 3MB beat Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. Slater hit Kidd with a lifting spinning DDT for the win.

Kane vs. Cody Rhodes was announced for next week on Main Event.

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  1. Paul says:

    Alberto Del Rio has gone from challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship to looking at the lights for a Goldberg rip-off. How can it get any worse?

  2. seanyd93 says:

    @Paul – he is losing to Kofi Kingston on SmackDown? So he’s gone from challenging the world champion, to losing to the wwe titles no. 1 contender, to losing to the reigning mid-card title holder… Next he’ll job to R-truth, then he’ll be left to wrestle tensai on superstars I geuss lol

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