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Dec 10, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

From Alan Wojcik:

Flashback to around Fall 2011 on the Kayfabe Wrestling Radio (probably then OWW Radio) archives ( and you will find an interview with former ROH World champion Nigel McGuinness talking about a tour he was going to complete across America, Germany and England as a farewell to wrestling fans and colleagues. Nigel was going to work for our friend MCW Pro owner Shasta McNasty and Nigel informed us that the tour was being filmed for a documentary. Thanks to the generosity of fans and colleagues who donated to, Nigel was able to complete the film and release under the name The Last of McGuinness which I am humbled to see before his visit to our program on December 11th to promote the documentary and ROH Final Battle 2012 where he has the new role of matchmaker. What I viewed in the 118 minute long film is quite honestly one of the best documentaries on professional wrestling ever created.

The film chronicles Nigel’s journey from 1999 when he appeared in an ABC News 20/20 piece following HWA (Heartland Wrestling) where Nigel got his training done through his amazing journey into ROH and other promotions around the world. He goes into the day both he and Bryan Danielson were signed to WWE, only to have an interesting turn of events lead him to become Desmond Wolfe in TNA (Impact Wrestling) until to everyone’s disappointment he was removed from TNA TV programming without any reason given to the fanbase. After TNA released him Nigel admits struggling to find out if he achieved the dream he set out to capture at age 14.

Tons of Nigel’s mates and new mates are involved including Eddie Edwards, Austin Aries, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Billy Gunn, Chad Collyer, Shark Boy, Evan Bourne, Cody Hawk, Nate Webb, Mark Briscoe, commentator Lenny Leonard, Bull Pain, Les Thatcher, Jimmy Jacobs, Carlito, Mad Man Manson, Robbie Brookside & Necro Butcher. Nigel deals with the loss of his friend Bison Smith as he remembers his fellow fallen comrades, going home to England as part of the tour where he sees his “mum & dad”, the tons of rumors why TNA let him out of his contract, his own feelings of regret as he never worked for WWE full-time (which everyone tells him he should not regret his amazing career) and stuff I do not wish to spoil because you the reader would be mad at me. Much respect must go out to Kevin McLeod for his excellent soundtrack.

As I said in the opening paragraph I am very humbled that Nigel granted me a sneak preview of this project that took him months to prepare even learning how to edit via computer. He should not be retired from active competition but like many of his fans who think that, it’s selfish. Thanks to Youtube and ROH ( Nigel; like James Dean and Owen Hart, will never truly leave us. I wish him nothing but the best in his current role in ROH and his new passion, standup comedy & acting. To purchase the DVD or some great looking T-shirts, visit

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