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Detailed 12/10 WWE Raw Recap

We start the show off with the arena black and when the lights come on Dolph Ziggler is on top of a ladder in the middle of the ring with the MITB briefcase hanging above him.  He says that it is Christmas for John Cena.  That Vince has given Cena a gift by making Dolph wrestle him at TLC.  Ziggler says that he will beat Cena and then cash in the briefcase on The Big Show.  Out comes Sheamus and he tells Ziggler to not worry about cashing it in on Show, because he is going to beat Show at TLC.  Hit Big Show’s music.  Show comes out and tell everyone they are just blabbering over and over.  Show says they are both delusional.  He says he doesn’t know if he is going to knock him out, or knock the pasty white off of him.  Sheamus says he wants to beat him down tonight, but he can’t because of the no contact order, but he can beat someone else down.  He then grabs the ladder and pushed Ziggler over the top rope.

Backstage we see Vince walking to the ring!!

Tonight we will see John Cena vs. The Big Show

Back from break and we have Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesero on the announce table.  Out comes Vince.  He tells the crowd he is here tonight to give Vicki Guerrero props.  Out comes Vicki with the boos of the crowd.  He tells her she should have Sheamus in a match, with Dolph Ziggler!!  Vicki is livid!  She then makes another match.  She says AJ in a handicap match.  Vince agrees.  He says it should be against Vicki!!

In ring action….

Wade Barrett vs R-Truth

Truth starts the match out by being throw out of the ring by Wade.  Outside of the ring Wade gives Kofi a stern look.  Kofi tells him to not eyeball me son.  Back in the ring Barrett has Truth in a side headlock.  He throws Truth in to the turn buckle and Truth comes back with an inverted Monkey flip for the win.


After the match Kofi jumps to the top rope and hits a high cross body on Wade.  TLC here we come!!!

Back from break AJ is running around backstage telling everyone how happy she is that she gets to tear Vicki apart.  She then runs in the men’s locker room and tells John Cena.  Cena quickly covers her up and tells her they can talk outside.  She smiles and runs outside the locker room.  Cena follows with a bewildered look on his face.  Crazy Chicks.

4-Way Tag Team for the #1 contender spot

Usos vs Dameon Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs Prime Time Players vs Primo and Epico

This is an elimination match with the winner getting a title shot at TLC. As we get going Primo and one of the Uso’s work on each other as if this is a singles match.  Uso hits a super kick on Primo followed by a big splash for the win.

Primo and Epico are eliminated.

The Prime Time Players are next.  After just a few moments the Uso’s duplicate the moves again and eliminate the Prime Time Players.

Prime Time Players Eliminated.

We are now down to two teams.  The Usos are working Dameon over.  This is Cody’s Raw return.  He is sporting a mustasche.  It is epic.  the crowd is chanting “Cody’s Mustache”.  The Uso’s get Cody set up in the middle of the ring with a big splash.  But right before he lands it Cody raises his knees for the block.  He then hits the Cross Rhodes for the win!!

Winners and New #1 Contenders  The Rhodes Scholars

Back from Break we see that next week are the Slammy Awards.  For the first time ever the Slammy’s are going to be Raw active.  All the awards are going to be decided by the WWE Universe!!

Non-Title Match

Diva’s Champion Eve vs Alicia Fox

Eve starts it off with some decent moves to keep Fox from gaining any momentum.  After just a few minutes Fox hits an incredible bridge suplex for a near fall.  Pretty great move.  Fox then hits a backbreaker on Eve.  another near fall.  Eve takes control and hits her neckbreaker finisher for the win.



backstage we see WWE Champion CM Punk walking in on crutches, slowly.  Paul Heyman is behind him carrying the strap.  Here we go.

Punk comes out on the stage and tells the crowd this injury on his knee is not a fake.  This is from working more than anyone does.  The injury comes from be WWE Champ for 388 days.  He says 388 days and no end in sight.  He then shows when it happened with the video from last week when Ryback put him through the table.  The crowd is chanting Feed Me More!  Heyman tells the crowd they are ticking him off.  He says Punk is injured because he doesn’t have a stunt double like the Rock.  He says Punk will remain Champ because he is the Best in the World.  Punk then says the people saying he should be stripped of the title because of the injury are stupid.  He dares anyone to come strip the title from him.  He says The Rock at the Royal Rumble will fail against him.  Period.

Back from break we have one of our big matches

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler

Both of these men are both over with the crowd.  Sheamus starts by going after the injured leg of Ziggler.  He drops elbow after elbow on his leg. Ziggler tries to change the momentum, but Sheamus hits a knee breaker on Ziggler.  He then drags Ziggler around the ring by his hair as Ziggler continues to favor his leg.  We go to a break.  Back from the break and Ziggler is now in control  He has Sheamus in a rear naked choke.  Wearing him down to the canvas as the air slowly leaves his lungs.  Sheamus begins to stand up out of it and gives Ziggler a shove into the turn buckle.  These two are putting on a show.  Sheamus is taking control and is setting up Ziggler for a Brogue Kick.  Ziggler ducks the kick and slides out of the ring.  Sheamus follows him and catches a chair to the gut from Ziggler.  Ring the Bell.


Winner-Sheamus via DQ

After the match Ziggler gets in the ring and winds up with a chair to hit Sheamus, but Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick through the chair!!!  Awesome.

FYI.  Cody’s Mustasche was amazing.  I did not say enough about it.  Mezmorizing.

Backstage Vicki is stretching out and The Great Khali and Hornswaggle walk in an tell her they can help.  The put her in a position with Khali behind her and Hornswaggle in front.  Vince walks in and looks disgusted.  He says I thought this was a family show.  Hilarious.

We then see a grainy black and white video from the Shield.  They are talking about how they are the shield for injustice for the WWE.  At the TLC Pay-per-view they are going to show team hell no and Ryback what they mean.

In ring action….

Alberto Del Rio vs Zach Ryder

Ryder tweeted earlier today that he was going to be on Raw.  The crowd pops very hard for him.  Ryder starts it off early with some head locks and quick low impact moves.  Del Rio gets the upper hand by some headlocks of his own.  They are really trying to slow this thing down, not a bad thing.  Del Rio hits a great German suplex for a 2 count.  It was so good Cole even called it a German suplex.  Del Rio takes it to the 2nd rope to come down with a double axehandle.  Del Rio locks on a cris cross rear choke on Ryder.  Ryder reverses in into a chin breaker.  Ryder then sets him up for the Browski Boot, but Del Rio ducks and reverses in to a cross arm breaker.

Winner-Alberto Del Rio

Wednesday night WWE Main Event Alberto Del Rio will face Ryback.  6:30 Eastern time.

Backstage we see AJ skipping around.  That match is next!


Back from break.

AJ vs Vicki Guererro

Vicki is screaming at Cole because there is no ref.  She is yelling over and over.  Out comes a ref….it’s Brad Maddox.  AJ is livid.  She knows this is a set up.  While AJ is talking to Brad Vicki hits her from behind.  She begins to beat on her and at one point hangs her over the second rope and then lays her leg over her and rides her.  AJ turns the tables and slaps Vicki.  The beats her down and covers her, but Brad won’t count three.  AJ gets up and gets in Brad’s face. While she does this Vicki rolls her up from behind for the win.


Winner-Vicki Guerrero

After the match Vicki leaves laughing and AJ flips out.  I mean really flips out.  She starts screaming and throwing chairs.  She falls to her knees and grabs her hair screaming loudly.  She then slaps the ring announcer and runs to the back.  You can’t play that crazy.  I think she is legit.

Back from break AJ is in the back still freaking out.  Cena comes up and grabs her telling her to calm down.  He finally gets her to settle down.  As he holds her his eyes get big wondering what he has got himself into.

In Ring Action….

Non-Titles Match

US Champion Antonio Cesaro vs Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

Interesting Champion vs Champion match.  Could be a pay-per-view unification match down the road.  Antonio is so good working with Kofi.  Kofi is trying to take this one to the air, but Antonio won’t let him.  I think we are seeing another superstar using Kofi as a spring up the ladder.  Kofi has Antonio in the corner and runs up for a big knee, but Antonio stops him with a big kick to the face.  Devestating.  He continues to destroy Kofi.  He catches Kofi out of a monkey flip and picks him up into a gut wrench suplex.  Kofi kicks out!!!  He then hits Kofi with a bone chilling spine buster.  Another 2 count.  Kofi reverses the flow and goes for a SOS, but Antonio blocks and hits a European Uppercut to the back of Kofi’s head.  2 count.  Kofi then hits an SOS!!! Antonio grabs the rope at 2 1/2.  Kofi goes up top for a high cross body, but Antonio catches him in mid air and swings it into a back breaker.  He then hits the neutralizer for the win.


Winner-US Champion Antonio Cesero

Amazing Match

We are now on stage with Miz TV.

Miz’s guests are The Rhodes Scholars.  He brings them out and begins to make fun of them.  The crowd is into it. Miz as a baby face might work.  The Miz tells Cody that Dameon has been telling people backstage that he has to carry Cody.  Dameon says this is untrue, he is crazy mad.  Cody tells him not to worry he does not believe him.  Miz finishes the segment off by renaming the Rhodes Scholars the Pink and The Stink.

Back stage John Cena is walking to the ring for his match with The Big Show and AJ grabs him and tells him she wants to come to the ring with him.  Cena says he doesn’t think that’s a good idea.  She agrees.  Maybe.

Main Event

Non-Title Match

World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show vs John Cena

Dolph Ziggler is on comentary and is giving Cena all kinds of credit.  About how popular he is, how much he has over come.  He says he will not take anything away from Cena.  Show is working Cena over bad in this one.  Cena is taking a huge beating, but just keeps coming.  Show keeps kicking Cena out of the ring and beating on him out there.  Cena walks to the apron and Show reaches over the top rope and palms Cena’s head and pick him up on the apron!!  Ziggler is great on comentray.  Back in the ring Show has Cena laid out and goes to the second rope for reverse splash, Cena moves out of the way.  Cena hits the spine buster to setup you can’t see me.  Show stands up out of it and hits a choke slam.  Cena kicks out and hits the AA.  He goes for the cover, but the Shield attacks Cena from the crowd!!!!

Winner-John Cena via DQ

After the match The Shield grab a table and set it up.  Out comes Team Hell No for the save.  Dolph jumps in the ring and attacks Cena.  Out comes Sheamus to go after Dolph.  Finally we hear it Feed Me More!!!!  Ryback hits the ring.  Total Chaos!!!!  See you at TLC.



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9 Responses

  1. Justaguy says:

    Lol how dead was the crowd in that divas match

  2. Scott says:

    I’m not watching tonight (work), but from the sounds of things, it sounds like Cody Rhodes moustache is SUPER over already

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Is it too much to ask for a triple threat between Ziggler, Punk, and Bryan? Probably. Oh well. Maybe Santa has that in his bag.

  4. Paul says:

    To think that this time last year, Zack Ryder was the number one contender to the United States Championship. Twelve months later, he’s been demoted to jobber to the stars. How the mighty have fallen.

  5. havok says:

    does del rio ever fight anyone different, its either cara, ryder, santino (all wins) before losing to orton

  6. Nick says:

    They totally blew the Ryback spot when Sheamus came out

  7. Justaguy says:

    WWE was skippable this week nothing happened.

    The tlc ppv might have a few decent matches though.

  8. -J- says:

    didnt mind this weeks show but didnt watch the whole show but it had a few good parts.

  9. Silenzi says:

    I hope that Zack Ryder picks it up again. I hate see him job. He is good enough to be a NR1 Contender for the IC or US title…
    Miss Santino too . He was close to be World Champion and he has fallen away . I want him to to be more serious but hang on to the comedy gimmick…. An ok Raw but could be better…..

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