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Audio: Ventura – liberals eant to take our guns

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  1. Nic says:

    please enough of this stuff all over what is otherwise the best Wrestling news site on the internet. This is NOT wrestling news, this is NOT relevant to a Wrestling news site and should not be posted. On Steve Gerweck’s personal facebook page i can cope with seeing this type of thing because it’s Steve’s perogative to post such things but on a site that people come to for Wrestling information or hear news about people from the wrestling community (lets not for 1 second pretend that Jesse fits this label anymore) it is annoying and is becoming something that is steering me towards other wrestling news sites instead of this one. Please no more!

  2. Motorhead says:

    see steve? I’m not the only one. From ted turner to alex jones to ventura, ENOUGH!! I, we, want wrestling news and opinions here, not sean hannity or ed schultz or anderson cooper or any other political slant here. It’s bad enough we can’t even watch tv anymore without being assaulted by this Left, Right, Center garbage. You may also believe in bigfoot but we don’t care about that either. When we do we’ll seek it out. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!! Get over it… YOU LOST.

  3. Travis says:

    Nic – This is Steve’s site and Jesse Ventura use to be a wrestler, so it is relevant to the site. I use to complain about MMA being posted on these sites but I decided not to click into those links. So do yourself a favor and stop looking at stuff you dont wanna see, and look at what you do want to see. Otherwise, take your own advice and find a new site.

  4. Dan says:

    Oh come on, Jesse. For a well-informed former Governor, one would think that he would know the facts. President Obama ha been the NRA’s best friend. While they still portray him as a constant and ominous liberal threat, the President has in reality been an ostensible ally. During his first two years in office, Obama signed laws that brought guns into national parks and Amtrak trains, while resisting attempts to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban or curb the extended clips used in the Arizona rampage that nearly killed Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. The facts are out there if just open your eyes and look for them…

  5. Scott says:

    Yeah Dan, but don’t tell that to some of these conspiracy loons out there (Aka half the Internet)

  6. Motorhead says:

    First of all, Travis, MMA was first introduced to the site because there is and remains to be a large cross-section of the wrestling audience that also watches UFC and others. When MMA was first introduced to the site Steve wasn’t even a casual follower of the sport, he didn’t put it on here to serve his own pleasures but to serve the fans of this site. Secondly, ventura may have been a wrestler, or a FIGHTER, as he calls himself in the intro of his show, but he has been irrelevant to the business since 2004 where at wrestlemania XX he proclaimed a we should put a wrestler in the white house. Steve is a conservative, good for him, but this is a “PRO WRESTLING NEWS” site. How is any of this ventura or ted turner BS “PRO WRESTLING NEWS”? Are either men promoters? Bookers? Workers? Ring crew? Announcers? IT techs? HELL NO! Jeff hardy’s EP, ok, that’s actually “PRO WRESTLING NEWS”. But this? This is FOX news on roids this Ventura and newsmax and alex jones and on and on and on. And for those who may say, Well, what about the Hulk Hogan sex tape/divorce/reality tv/MCW crap? The answer is simple: HOGAN IS STILL IN THE FRICKIN’ WRESTLING BUSINESS. How about a link at the top of the site for ventura news, and when new items are added place a statement in the usual place. That’s a fix for all of us. This just seems as if steve wants to convert us to an opinion more similar to his own. is that true? Only steve knows. But we get this crap shoved down our throat everywhere, we don’t need it here. Not so long ago steve was complaining about WWE and vince shoving john cena down our throats, now he’s doing the same thing. And, lastly, clicking on the link to protest via comment isn’t the same as listening to it or reading it. Nic and I just happen to be sick of this crap. AND WE’RE NOT ALONE. Get over it, Steve.

  7. Mike Rophone says:

    Steve, thanks for the wrestling news and all, but you’re either A) Trolling for clicks to pad your wallet, B) A mental-midget conspiracy theorist like Ventura, or C) Both. I won’t be giving you any more clicks.

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