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Update on Martha Hart’s ongoing lawsuit against WWE

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In an update on Martha Hart’s ongoing lawsuit against WWE for using footage of Owen Hart on recent DVD releases and marketing material, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that almost all of the counts were dismissed in federal court this week. The latest ruling tossed out counts against both Vince and Linda McMahon individually and all counts that claimed WWE had no right to use his name or likeness in marketing the DVD releases. Two claims still remain active. The first is a claim on back royalties (expected to be in the $80,000 to $100,000 range). WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt claimed WWE would have paid the royalties except that “more than a decade ago” Martha Hart’s attorneys wrote WWE to not send anymore checks to her. The second claim is in regards to WWE using family photos that included Owen that was used on the Hart Anthology DVD that she claimed to own. WWE says they purchased the rights to the photo from the photographer after the DVD was released and obtained all “necessary clearances” before using it in the DVD.

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  1. David says:

    Vince is just greedy

  2. Jake Allen says:

    I really hope Martha’s viciousness hasn’t been passed on to her kids and that eventually when they hold their fathers rights that they won’t deny the fans the legacy that made him a household name.

  3. Sheila says:

    She really needs to move on. Owen’s death was tragic and I can only imagine the heartbreak for her and her children but this is ridiculous. Part of who he was was a wrestler and fans dont’ want to forget him either. WWE is not exploiting him or his memory.

  4. Ostego says:


    Hate to say this, but Martha just will not let it go. She still can’t except the fact that it was an accident. I fell sorry for her losing an accident, I really do, but it solves nothing for being bitter for well over a decade over a freak accident. This has nothing to do with greed.

  5. Scott says:

    Martha just needs to let the hell go! When most of your family pretty much says you’re nuts and need to let go, it’s time to listen. I really do feel bad for her loss all these years ago, but when you go about like she does, you just look like a bitter old woman.

  6. Trevelbond says:

    Don’t use Owen’s image!! Wait… pay me for using Owen’s image!! My sympathy for Martha has totally dried up at this point. I feel sorry for her kids. Not only did they lose their father in an extremely public way, but their mother won’t let their family get on with life.

  7. -J- says:

    im going to just say owen deserves to be in the HOF long overdue

  8. The beast Form The East says:

    She’s a bitch all she wants is money.

  9. Urvy says:

    To anyone who whines about Owen not being in the HOF, blame Martha for him not being inducted. Thanks to her, we got Drew Carrey in the HOF and jobbers like Koko B. Ware, all because she would not let go. Lady, let it go already and give the people what they want.

  10. AJ Starr says:

    Martha needs to realize; Her children are adults now.

    Unless they feel 100% the same way she does… they are going to start resenting her if they haven’t already.

  11. Larry says:

    I feel bad for both of Owen’s wife and kids. She needs to let this go otherwise it going bring a lot of emotional pain on this issue.

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