TNA Final Resolution Preview and Predictions

Dec 9, 2012 - by Michael Riba

Later tonight, TNA will present the ninth annual Final Resolution pay-per-view event. Here is a quick rundown of my official previews and predictions for each match:

Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray
This will be the second time this year that these two men have squared off on pay-per-view. The first match, while not an instant classic, was fairly good. It’s a shame that they have tied Bully Ray into a storyline with Brooke Hogan, and a shame that Aries has gone from the main event to the same storyline. Brooke Hogan does nothing for these two guys (and nothing for TNA for that matter), and I hope this is a short-lived storyline and not a Clarie Lynch-esque one that is dragged out for months on end. In the end, I see Bully Ray picking up the win in this one, maybe with some help from Brooke.
Winner: Bully Ray.

TNA X Division Championship Match: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King
Viewing Impact Wrestling recently, I was wondering when we would see Kenny King again. Then, bam, he shows up two weeks ago on Championship Thursday and then wins a #1 Contender’s match this past week. I’m not liking how little the X Division title has been showcased lately, and I definitely don’t like how little build it has gotten at the past two PPVs. Nonetheless, I expect nothing short of a good-to-great match from these two guys. This one will be a fun one to watch, and I think it will open the show to get the crowd energized. In the end, I do not see RVD losing the title just yet.
Rob Van Dam retains the TNA X Division Championship.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Garett Bischoff, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Wes Brisco vs. Aces & Eights
As far as a prediction for the four Aces & Eights guys, I’m gonna go with Devon, D.O.C., and then two other masked guys. This match was thrown together this past Thursday night, but some type of match along these lines has been building for a while. Angle has taken a liking to the young guys in Bischoff and Brisco, but I have a feeling it may come back to haunt him. The general consensus is that Bischoff, Brisco, or both will turn heel and join Aces & Eights tonight. To me, that seems way too predictable, but I’m going with it anyway.
Winners: Aces & Eights.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan
I like this new team of Morgan and Ryan. They entertain me. Guerrero and Hernandez have some cool moments as well during their matches with their double-team maneuvers. I’m not really a fan of tag team wrestling, and this feud seemed to materialize out of nowhere, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I think we’ll see new tag champs in this one, however.
Winners and new TNA World Tag Team Champions: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) vs. Mickie James
It’s great to see Mickie back and recovered from her surgery, and I’ve always liked the matches between these two ladies. I do see this feud going on past Final Resolution, but I do not see Mickie James getting the title tonight, because I think Jesse will interfere and get Tara disqualified.
Winner by disqualification: Mickie James.

A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
TNA says this is the last time that these two will meet. I highly doubt that. These guys always put on great matches against each other, so I’m not complaining about that. But, with how many times these guys have faced off this year, it does get a little old and dull after a while. These two have the potential to steal the show, and they just might do so.
Winner: Christopher Daniels.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Bobby Roode
I could see this match going either way. Obviously, for TNA, it would make sense to keep the title on Hardy if they want him to re-sign in March in order to keep arguably their biggest draw around. If something has happened and they know for certain that Hardy is not going to re-sign, they could go ahead and put the title on Roode. These two should be able to put on a great main event, I have no doubt about that. In the end, I do not foresee a title switch happening tonight.
Jeff Hardy retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Well, there you have it; my official TNA Final Resolution previews and predictions. Feel free to leave your predictions in the comment section below, on Twitter (@gerweck), or on Twitter directly to myself (@TheMichaelRiba). As always, I will be providing live, on-going coverage of the pay-per-view in just a few hours time, so join me here on! And as always…

You’re welcome.

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