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Raven Speaks Out – Calls Vince a D*ck!, Thoughts on ROH Feud With CM Punk

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Former ECW and NWA World Champion Raven, talks to about many interesting topics including his first WCW run as Scotty Flamingo, his first WWE run as the evil manager Johnny Polo and his backstage role on the company, the creation of the Raven character in ECW, his return on WCW and in WWE with a different character, current WWE Champion CM Punk and his feud with him back in 2003 in Ring Of Honor, his favourite opponent in the business Tommy Dreamer, his run on TNA (Impact Wrestling), Paul Heyman, Stevie Richards, Eric Bischoff and why he things Eric doesn’t like him at all, the controversial crucifixion angle with The Sandman in 1995, Extreme Rising, and most importantly Vince McMahon.

You can listen to the 40 minutes interview at

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