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ROH Weekly Show Results 12/01/12


We start the show off with Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer welcoming us tonight.  And all they can talk about is the Main Event of Davey Richards vs. Micheal Elgin!  What a match folks.  But first we have some tag team action.

The Headbangers vs The Briscoes

This is a huge match up.  The Briscoes are ROH’s flagship team.  The Headbangers were first brought into ROH as the Guardians of Truth with masks under the guidance of Truth Martini.  But they revealed themselves as the 20 year veterans, The Headbangers.  In the Ring Mosh drops Mark Briscoe off the apron with a front suplex onto the floor.  Big spot. Mark is taking a beating, but Dem Boys don’t take a beating for long.  Jay get the tag and hits the death valley driver on Thrash.  He tags Mark back in who hits the redneck judo and gets the win.

Winners- The Briscoes #demboys

Backstage we have Davey Richards and Nigel McGuinness being interviewed.  Nigel says Davey should not wrestle tonight because of what Fish and O’Riley did to him.  Davey says this is a pain game Nigel.  And he should know that you have to go out there.  But he says that he reminds him about Fish and O’Riley.  Davey says he needs his old partner back, Eddie Edwards.  He wants to get the American Wolves back together for Final Battle.  Nigel reminds Davey that Eddie is in Japan.  Davey tells him to send word to Eddie and he will come.  Nigel says he will, but if Eddie does not come he is no longer welcome in ROH.

In Ring Action……

Adam Page vs OT Marshall w/RD Evans

Marshall is getting a huge push here in ROH.  RD takes a seat at the announcer table and tells them how great he is in ROH.  They ask him about stealing Prince Nana’s company out from under him.  He denies it totally.  The crowd is not really into this match up.  Page is trying his heart out, but QT is just to much.  After about 5 minutes QT hits “God’s Gift” for the win.


Winner-QT Marshall

After the match Prince Nana rushes the ring and attacks RD.  He rips his suit off him and leaves him in his underwear.  Back from break RD won’t leave the ring until Nigel comes down to hear his complaint.  Nigel makes his way down and RD gives him an earful.  He says he has a restraining order on Nana and wants restitution for this incident.  Nigel says he will get his restitution.  At Final Battle it will be RD Evans vs Prince Nana.  At that is his ruling.  Period.

We now get all the hype for Final Battle: Doomsday on December 16th at 2 PM on iPPV.  Go to to order.  The Matches are as follows:

Street Fight

World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Riley vs The American Wolves (No word on if Eddie Edwards will be there)

ROH World Tag Team Title Match

S.C.U.M (C) vs The Briscoes vs Alexander and Coleman

Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong

Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy

Jay Lethal vs Rhino

Jerry Lynn’s Final Match vs ???

Ladder War for the ROH World Title

El Generico vs ROH World Champion Kevin Steen


Main Event


The first time these two met it was considered the Wrestling Match of the Year by many.  As we are about to start the match Elgin’s former manager Truth Martini comes to the ring and tells Elgin that he let him down, but he will never let him down again.  He says he just needs to promise that Elgin will not wrestle Roderick Strong at Final battle.  Elgin promises to Kill Strong at Final battle and tells Truth to get out of the ring or he will kill him.  He does, and the match begins.  It starts with the  code of honor hand shake.  Richards starts off with his deadly kicks to neutralize Elgin.  He kicks him down and out of the ring.  Outside the ring Elgin takes advantage quickly and get Richards back in.  Back in the ring Richards reverses tides and puts Elgin in an ankle lock,but for only a few seconds before Elgin powers out and sends Davey back out of the ring.  The pure strength of Elgin is insane.  Elgin the set Richards up at the corner outside of the ring.  He has Richards flat footed on the apron and he is standing on the second rope at the corner.  Elgin then hits a dead lift superplex on Richards back into the ring.  The power needed to perform this move is not in many men.  Elgin goes for the cover but only gets 2.  The two warriors rise to their feet and start to trade blows.  The crowd is chanting both of their names reminiscent of Hogan and Rock at Wrestlemania.  Richards gets the advantage and rolls Elgin up into a crucifix.  Elgin rolls it over and stands up out of it with Richards on his back.  He then hits a Fireman’s Powerbomb in to the turn buckle.  He covers….but Richards still kicks out!!  Elgin is beside himself that Richards is still breathing let alone kicking out.  Back to there feet Richards smiles as if he knows something.  He hits Elgin with forearm after forearm.  Richards goes out of the ring, Elgin chases, but Richards jumps back in and then in a full sprint hits a suicide dive through the ropes on Elgin.  The crowd is going crazy ROH, ROH, ROH is the chant of choice right now.  Eglin makes it back in the ring and Richards follows with a missile drop kick off the top rope.  Elgin wonders out into the middle of the ring and Davey hits a kick to the head, followed by a German suplex.  Elgin gets up from this and walks in to a flying cross arm breaker.  Elgin is down a Richards has it Locked in.  Elgin out of nowhere stands up and turns it into a powerbomb.  He tosses Richards into the turnbuckle, where Richards lands on his feet.  Elgin goes for a Pele style kick, but Richards catches it and locks on the ankle lock!!!!  Elgin makes it to the rope and we continue.  Elgin locks Davey from behind and rolls him up once and over back into a German suplex pinning situation.  Richards kicks out!!!  Both men lay on the canvas as if they have been there for hours.  They slowly again rise and compete.  Elgin sets Richards up on the turnbuckle for a superplex.  Richards fights out of it and goes for the double stomp.  He misses and Elgin grabs him to hit a tombstone.  Richards cartwheels out of it into his own and hits it!!!  The cover….Elgin kicks out!!!  Incredible.  Both men crawl towards the turnbuckle and outside on the apron.  Using the turnbuckle as leverage they spend the next few minutes trading kicks and punches to the head.  10 at a time.  The make there way back into the ring to finish this dance number.  Elgin lays Richards out in to middle of the ring and goes to the top.  He goes for the cork screw senton bomb, but misses.  Richards puts him in the corner and hits a flying forearm followed by a flying knee.  Richards sets Elgin on the top rope but Elgin reverses it into a Firemans powerbomb.  Cover….no.  He goes back up top and hits the cork screw senton bomb this time….cover….No!!!!  Elgin then hits a bronco bomp followed by a sitdown powerbomb for the pin!!!

Winner- Micheal Elgin and the Fans

After the match both men are empty laying in the middle of the ring.  After several minutes they rise to their knees and shake hands…..code of honor.

Next week on ROH

World Champion Kevin Steen vs The Prodigy Mike Bennett



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