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Black Bart has gall bladder surgery

Via Facebook:

I want to thank all of you again for your prayers. Bart is at home and as comfortable as he can be after surgery. The doctor said that his gall bladder was in really bad shape and was difficult to get out. But it is out and he will be fine. The doctor also removed the lump and sent it be checked out. He thinks it is just fatty tissue but we will know for sure when the tests come back. They took him in at 3:15 pm and it was done by 4:30 but then of course it took time for him recover and to be ready to get up and leave. We got home about 6:30pm. I mostly want to thank God for once again being there. He not only made sure we had what we needed to get this procedure done but he also helped Bart to relax and get his blood pressure down so there would not be anymore complications than they were already having. Anyway once again I thank each and everyone of you for the prayers and gifts. We couldn’t have done it without you. Linda

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