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Wrestler claims Bill DeMott had developmental talent train naked

Kevin Matthews continues to go after Bill DeMott via Twitter:

Hey @BillDeMott nothing like forcing your MALE TALENT TO TRAIN BUTT NAKED WHILE YOU WATCH AND LAUGH! Pic included.

This is just the beginning of me exposing DeMott 4 what he truly is. I will not stop till justice is served. Time to open ppls eyes!

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  1. Dragon says:

    damn some people are so bitter when they cant cut it. I think most will agree that this has no effect on bill. With his history and accomplishments in the wrestling world I highly doubt some bitter ex developmental who waited 6 years to start cying will have any effect on bill or his position in the WWE. Bill was probably laughing at whatever this guy is trying to overcompensate for.

  2. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Somebody’s cashing in on a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill DeMott and WWE, who are the two wrestlers in the pic, are they on the main rosters now or what.

  3. Travis says:

    WWR will have to take this serious even if they want to or not. Not to mention their PG image and Linda backlash.

  4. Boogeyman says:

    What’s more creepy the fact this guy has photos on his phone or bill doing it….wait there both wack

  5. Scott says:

    Not saying it’s right, but I’m sure all sorts of crazy stuff happens in the wrestling world. Like I’ve said before, the guy might be right, but sometimes, when you are a never-been, some of your arguments better be good, otherwise, you are nothing more than a whiner who is showing you why he couldn’t hack it

  6. dave says:

    Its got nothing to do with “hacking it” or not. People can be damaged mentally as well as physically by a reckless trainer like Bill. And what achievements are you speaking of for Bill?

    Maybe, the problem in the industry if the seemingly widespread attitude of “if you’re not successful enough or make enough money, then you have no clout morally”

    Its BS. What does Bill have to gain from his methods? What does WWE or its developmentals have to gain? Nothing.

    Now Matthews should conduct himself more diplomatically and through the proper channels to give his claims legitimacy but come back and comment once you’ve been pushed over both mental and physical thresholds by an over-rated ex-pro or anyone else for that matter.

    Like I said, hazing is one thing but these claims are another entirely.

  7. Hipnosis says:

    I’d be ok with this if Kelly Kelly taught me how to take and sell the Stink Face ;D lol

    no but really wtf man XD

  8. havok says:

    a couple things…..who is this matthews guy and why should any of us care. the picture is so photoshopped its not even funny…and even if it was real im sure we wouldve heard about it a while ago…guy needs to get over it and accept that wwe doesnt want or need him

  9. The Raven says:


  10. The Straight Shooter says:

    Bill we wish you well in all your Future Endevors….wow

  11. -J- says:

    hahaha, now that’s hugh morrus.


  12. Kyle Christie says:

    @Hipnosis I wouldn’t as Kelly has probably had a lot of different objects in that area.

  13. JD Storm says:

    i’d like to know why it took so long to say anything. furthermore, if this is so serious, why take your rants to Twitter?

  14. Honest Man says:

    A smark is too lazy to ever actually follow indy wrestling pretneds Kevin Matthews isn’t a somebody? Get over your damn self if you actually followed what you pretend to you would know Kevin Matthews has one of the more successful post WWE developmental careers. And to the idiot the photo isn’t shopped. It is leaked from later on. The reason no one speaks out is because WWE is the big dog and where the money is, as Matthews has said, he’s using this both as a platform and a self-promotion tool. He’s fried his chances and isn’t afraid to burn a bridge if it means exposing an oppresive man like Demott

  15. Fisha695 says:

    2 words “Naked Mideon”

  16. Ostego says:

    My grandmother could photoshop better than that. The shadows don’t even line up correctly.

  17. Fisha695 says:

    @Ostego, it’s been confirmed to be legit by several people who where there at the time. It’s also been confirmed that it was an idea created by said talent on sort of a joke/relaxation day of training & not something that Bill forced them to do. It was Zack Ryder, Festus & some girl whose name escapes me right now.

  18. oudk says:

    for all we know the naked guy could be doing it jokingly

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