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Dutch Mantell on the Bob Costas controversy

Dutch Mantell via Facebook:

Bob Costas has to be an idiot. Blaming ‘guns’ for Jovan Belcher killing his girfriend is an idiotic statement. If a gun wasn’t handy, he could have just as easily have used a knife or his own hands to kill this 120 lb. woman but blaming it on a ”gun’ is stupid. Bob Costas needs to call football games and leave the social commentaries to those who might want to hear it.

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  1. Common Cents says:

    It’s funny, But I am a vegetarian, with some liberal views, and have a concealed pistol license, and enjoy firing firearms. I don’t understand why gun control has to be such a hot topic, make it as hard or harder to get a gun as it to get a drivers license[I’m talking testing and an actual course] and we shouldn’t have this problem. I know in my state you can buy a rifle with just a background check and walk out same day, pistols are a 14 day wait. I have no problem with having to go to a course or doing something more to make it harder to give irresponsible or psychotic people firearms. I have nothing to hide and neither should any mature, honest, law abiding adult/teen. The second amendment states that you have the right to carry a gun, but with rights you have the responsibility to use them responsibly. I wish that people would hold themselves to a higher standard, in which if you had to jump through three more hoops in order to make it harder for some idiot to get a gun they wouldn’t whine about someone taking away their rights as a US citizen. Sorry for the Babbling, it just piss’ me off when the solution is so simple, make it harder to get a gun[Not impossible, but harder] and we would sift through the idiots or wackos. Also I like football, had to balance some testosterone with the effeminate things I said at the beginning.

  2. Truth says:

    Without guns, how would we protect ourselves from the zombie apocalypse that’s coming?

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