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WWE Smackdown Spoilers

1. World Hvt. Champion Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan. The Shield attacked Bryan. Kane ran out, but he took the Shield powerbomb through the announcers’ table.

2. 3MB defeated Brodus Clay and The Uso’s.

3. Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett after Kofi Kingston distracted Barrett.

4. The Great Khali and Hornswoggle defeated Primo and Epico.

5. Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio by submission. Big Show watched the match from the stage.

Notes: Sheamus and Big Show signed a no-contact until TLC agreement. Damien Sandow’s search for a new apprentice continued and this time Miz interrupted. An angle led to Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth for the Intercontinental Title being announced for the TLC pay-per-view. Sheamus threw Ricardo Rodriguez at Show to get around the no contact rule at the end of the show. Despite the no contact rule, Sheamus beat Big Show by DQ in the dark match.


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13 Responses

  1. jason says:

    wow way to bury the tag team division! WWE is finished. TNA is leagues ahead

  2. jasonX2 says:

    wow jason your dumb.

  3. Joey says:

    Wondering if Drew wrestled with the cast or was even involved much

  4. Alex says:

    US Title… not IC…

  5. jason says:

    You’re delusional. TNA is far superior over the WWE and eventually ratings will show that.

  6. DBRude says:

    Man, their programming blows! So The Big Show defeats Daniel Bryan, YET AGAIN? Why are they even fighting still? Obviously, Daniel Bryan is no match for The Big Show. It’s a waste of time to even book them in rubber matches.

    The Shield attacks one half of Team Hell No again, and again, I bet they don’t give us a reason.

    Meanwhile, the 3MB–who are never going to get over–defeated Brodus Clay and The Usos, whom I’d PREFER to see get pushed, and who can’t seem to catch a break.

    Neither can Epico and Primo, who are REPEATEDELY fed to The Great Khali. Kinda like how Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Kofi and Brodus are REPEATEDLY fed to Alberto Del Rio.

    I tried to stay off the ADR-hate bandwagon, but I’m starting to feel everyone else’s criticism. They won’t let him beat anyone in the top tier, but he’s CONSTANTLY destroying mid-carders, like they’re nothing. At this point, I’m tired of watching him celebrate easy victories, as if he won the damn title (ANY title), afterwards. It’s sickening, and it’s obvious his character is in limbo; and watching characters in limbo is no fun. Either put a title on the guy to make his victories mean something, or start making him put people over. They finally let Sin Cara have a competitive match with the guy on Monday, only for him to lose again. SO WHAT WAS THE DAMN POINT?! To keep Del Rio looking strong until his NEXT, high-profile loss? Geez!

    Don’t even get me started on the “no-contact” bullsh*t with Sheamus and Big Show. Doesn’t the WWE do this for EVERY world title feud? They might as well make it a damn rule. And wasn’t this a repeated theme for them, last month, before their last PPV match?

    Way to spice things up.

  7. Toni says:

    I have zero doubt that The Great Khali and Hornswoggle are going to be future tag team champions.

  8. jasonX3 says:

    WWE is a joke!

  9. Jorge Pernas says:

    Shield attacking both Kane and Bryan makes sense. They both are former MITB winners, and they did not do their opponent “justice“ by cashing in at the moment they can win easily

  10. Thomas says:

    Jorge, if that logic is true, The shield needs to take out Punk, Del Rio, Miz, hell get edge even.

  11. josh says:

    The sheild did take out the miz if you wacthed Raw

  12. Thomas says:

    Hadn’t gotten around to watchin it uninterrupted yet. Makes sense

  13. future says:

    ADR should be champion! He’s got the look, the talent, and the size to be the best ever. WWE is dropping the ball on him. He makes punk look like a punk!

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