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Ryback on being a character in WWE ’13

Scott Fishman posted an interview with Ryback, here is an excerpt regarding the superstar being a character in the new WWE ’13 video game…

“It’s great,” Ryback said. “It was just one of my many goals that I had coming back. It would have been nice to actually have been on this one. I felt I should have been, but I know they make that list I think before I was even back. So I understand that, but being a DLC is quite the accomplishment. So I’m pretty happy with that … Everything takes time. I knew I was going to catch on right away, but it does take time to get going. It is good people anticipated and wanted to see me on it, and WWE and THQ gave them that. So that is always great to see.”

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  1. Yghvsg says:

    Imma download him

  2. Andy says:

    How did the interviewer get all of that from “Feed Me More”?

  3. enem V says:

    well I like the guy goldberg-van dam or is it van damberg?

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