DC Drake still alive

Dec 4, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

The Blue Meanie via Facebook:

Apparently the news of DC Drakes passing is a false rumor. Luckily is is STILL with us according to his sister Carlee Stackhouse via her FaceBook page. Sorry for falling for this rumor and bumming anyone out.

Rob Feinstein via Facebook:

Just found out that DC Drake has not passed away. Yesterday I reported it on my FB page after reading about it on his friends FB page who is the promoter for ECWA and also knew DC for years. This is what I read which lead me to post my comments which I thought were true at the time…

Michael Tartaglia
Monday near Glassboro via mobile
Just found out former TWA wrestler DC Drake passed away. Drake was a big part of the original TWA and had memorable feuds with Larry Winters, Tony Stetson, and JT Smith.

So after I had read that on Mikes wall I posted what I wrote only to find out that it is not true. I contacted Mike tonight and he also told me the person who contacted him lied and he is very angry that anyone would make that kind of story up. So again he is alive and the person who started this story up should come forward.

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