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12/1 “Rock of Jericho” with Dee Snider‏ recap

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only
wanna read the Dee Snider segments, they’re #s 13, 15, 17 & 19. Anyhow Jericho starts the show by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Dee Snider: from Twisted Sister & a bunch of other projects will be on the show. He calls Dee a very vocal type individual to where it should be a
great conversation, says that Tim “Ripper”
Owens will be on next weeks show who was
in Judas Priest & says the 1st CD he sang on
when replacing Rob Halford, was
“Jugulator”: . He
says that’s the 1-2 punch to where he’s kicking it off with the title track & says the rock starts now to where he turns it up with

2.Plays Judas Priest’s “Jugulator” & “Blood
Stained Lies”.

3.Jericho says “Blood Stained Lies” with Ripper Owens on vocals to where he again
says he’ll be on next week, says that Ripper’s got a crazy story replacing Rob
Halford & says in the movie “Rock Star”: , was loosely
based on Ripper’s life to where he was singing in a Priest tribute band. He says
after that he’s suddenly in the band, says it
was kind of an off shoot on his story to where his 1st CD was “Jugulator” & says it’s
interesting, because Priest, Maiden & Motley Crue all dropped & got rid of their
lead singers to where they quit & had
replacements for them. He says out of all of
them was that Ripper fit in the band the best.

Jericho says Ripper had that Halford growl
to it to where he still sounded a bit like Rob, says it wasn’t a total culture shock to
where Blaze Bailey, Maiden, John Corabi &
Motley Crue was a different vibe & says
“Jugulator” was good. He says “Demolition”: wasn’t bad but at
that time fans wanted Halford back, says
that Halford return which had Ripper go &
do a million other bands like Yngwie
Malmsteen, Iced Earth & says he’s in Dio
Disciples which’s a band with merry men that travel nationwide & singing Dio songs.
He says it’s got guys that were in Dio’s band
such as Ripper, Craig Goldy, drummer Simon Wright & keyboardist Scott Warren.

Jericho says if anyone can handle either Dio
or Halford it’s Ripper to where he’s 1 of the
best live singers he’s seen in his life, again
says that he’ll be on next week & says Dee
will be back. He then corrects himself by saying he’ll be on but won’t be back because he hasn’t been on yet & then says
he’ll be on later. He says after the break he’ll do a “cow bell” tribute & then takes a
break by again saying the rock starts now

After the break Jericho says welcome back
to the show, says again that he’ll have a
“cow bell” tribute to where “More Cowbell”
is 1 of the most famous skits in Saturday Night Live history that had Will Ferrell & Christopher Walken, says this song needs
“More Cowbell” then they’d do “Don’t Fear
The Reaper” to where Will played the cow
bell to go fat & says you know how he is. He
says he won’t play “Don’t Fear The Reaper”
but says the reason on wanting to do this was that he heard Quiet Riot’s “Party All Night” which’s what he’ll be playing soon &
Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend” &
says both start with a cow bell, to where he
makes the sounds from it.

Jericho says that’s where 1 song goes in 1
direction & 1 to the other, says when hearing the counting off cow bells you know that a party’s gonna start & says you
can’t have a cow bell without a party. He says when the cow bell starts with a “1-2-3-4, konk, konk, konk”, says that’s when the
party starts now & says he saw Loverboy
about a month ago to where they opened
for Journey. He says Journey’s Dean Castronovo will be on the show in a couple of weeks, says that he’s got lots of guests
coming up to where it’s the run into
Christmas & says it’s where they’re popping
out from the woodworks. He says they’re
dying, begging & hoping to be on the show.

Jericho says when he saw Dean, Journey &
Loverboy is when they played “Working For
The Weekend”, says it’s where the drummer
hits the cow bell thing to where fans stand up like “pave love & dog response” & says
there’s magic in the cow bell. He says not a
lot of metal songs have a cow bell but they’re some good ones, says he’ll play them now to where it’s got Kevin Dubrow &
Quiet Riot’s “Party All Night” & again says it’s a “cow bell” tribute. He asks on where
else are you gonna hear that but only on his show & then says “konk” 3 times.

4.Plays Quiet Riot’s “Party All Night”, Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend” & Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mississippi Queen”.

5.Jericho says that wasn’t the Mountain version of “Mississippi Queen” but by Ozzy to where it’s from the only CD that Ozzy did
that had someone on guitar & says it wasn’t
Zakk Wylde, Joe Holmes, Gus G., but Jerry Cantrell. He says Jerry’s the 1 from Alice In
Chains who played on Ozzy’s tribute/cover
CD “Under Cover”: , calls it a lame
name for a CD & asks on how more obvious
can you get. He calls “Mississippi Queen” a
good tune due to the cow bell in it, asks for
“More Cowbell” on the show & asks if you liked his “cow bell” tribute. He plugs for you to let him know & for you to send requests.

Jericho says he wants to play them to where [link don’t work] who
he claims to be a girl, wanted to hear
Hardcore Superstar, says that 2 years ago he was on “Dancing With The Stars” & says
he was hanging with James Durbin who’s a ROJ alumni: . He says James always talked about Hardcore Superstar to where he wanted to
do a band like them, asks on what is
Hardcore Superstar & says there’s a movement in Sweden that’s got a glam
metal type of scene. He says there’re bands
like Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar & others
to where they came from the Hanoi Rocks type of thing.

Jericho says Hanoi Rocks is from Finland,
says it’s the same thing due to them having
norderic type of people, says there’s a
resurgence of the glam metal vibe from the
80s & 90s & says these bands aren’t new, but they’re in their 20s. He says they adapted to the glam style to where it’s said
that “what’s new is old & what’s old is new”,
says they’re kinda bringing it back into
vogue is what Hardcore Superstar’s doing & says he’ll play “Standin’ On The Verge”
which’s what “f-6” requested.

6.Plays Hardcore Superstar’s “Standin’ On The Verge” & Accept’s “Midnight Mover”

7.Jericho says “Midnight Mover” is from
“Metal Heart”: ,
says that
requested it to where she got to hear it &
says it’s more of a “poppier” type of Accept
tune. He thinks it’s about a vampire, says he
remembers it being a “vampirick” type of theme running thru the video: , says that “Metal
Heart” had a metal heart on the cover to
where it was wacky made of metal parts &
says his friend Ed Aborn at , actually has
the metal heart in his home to where he
thought Ed was joking.

Jericho says Ed really does have it & the
reason why is that he’s friends with Wolf &
Gaby Hoffmann who’s the manager of the
band & mentions someone named “Deffy”.
He says if you ever saw the lyrics that’s written by “Deffy” it’s a girl that wrote them, then mentions “Balls To The Wall” &
“London Leather Boys” to where it makes
sense that a girl wrote them & says Ed’s
friends with them to where he got the metal heart. He says it sits in Ed’s house at
this time, says those are amazing facts that
you learn on the show & says he’ll play more requests to where he takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, again says Dee will be on
later to where he again says he’s from
Twister Sister & other projects & asks if you
remember the guy from “Police Academy”: that would say [via an imitation]: “there’s many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times
that I wish I could be on the force” & says it’s Commandant [Eric] Lassard [portrayed
by George Gaynes]. He says Lassard didn’t
make a request this week but did to where she wanted to hear Winger’s “17” &
says he never liked Winger in the beginning.

Jericho says he likes their songs now to
where their last CD was “Pull”: , says with the
demise of them started with those damned
Beavis & Butt-head guys to where the nerd
Stewart [Stevenson] who wore a Winger
shirt & says that made him a nerd. He says
in the “Nothing Else Matters” video: Lars Ulrich’s
throwing at a Kip Winger poster to where it
was the beginning, then impersonates him
to where he says “I think I’ll throw these
darts at Kip Winger’s head because he’s just
crazy, doesn’t even do anything cool” & admits that was his Lars impression.

Jericho says that’s where the double attack of Stewart wearing a Winger shirt & Lars throwing darts at Winger, kinda killed the Winger rise. He says they still have good tunes to where “17” is 1 of them & then plays the song.

8.Plays Winger’s “17” & Dio’s “Hungry For

9.Jericho again says welcome back to the show to where he says wanted to hear “Hungry For Heaven”, calls it 1 of his favorite Dio songs that he digs & says he
loves 1 line that goes “just hold on, you can
make it happen for you”. He calls it a cool
inspirational thing where it’s saying “you
can make it happen for you, you want
something, you go & do it, you crazy kid you”. He says it can happen, says that’s the
vibe that Dio always had a positive vibe &
says Ripper who’s in Dio’s Disciples is singing on those amazing songs that Dio
sang & wrote to where he again says will be
on next weeks show.

Jericho again says Dee will be on later & then says he’ll play Exodus’ “Hammer & Life” that’s got Rob Dukes on vocals.

10.Plays Exodus’ “Hammer & Life” & Slayer’s
“Dead Skin Mask”

11.Jericho again says welcome back to the show that has the all mighty & always
identifiable Slayer to where “Dead Skin
Mask” is from “7th Heaven”, then says “7th
Heaven baby, I’m exchanging all my V’s for
B’s now, I’ll go drink some vodka” says the
CD’s called “South Of Heaven”: . He says after
the break he’ll play some Hinder & Halestorm to where it’s a comparison part
of the show & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show to where he’s your host,
says he was talking with his wife [Jessica] a
couple of days ago & says she told him that
she heard Halestorm’s “I Miss The Misery” on the radio to where it reminds her of another song. He says he don’t know what she meant by that, says that she later found
what the other song was on the radio called
Hinder’s “Get Stoned” & says she felt there
was a similarity with both songs. He says he
thought he’d play both songs, says he knows there’s lots of similarity songs to where me mentions Deep Purple’s “Burn”
that was ripped off by Kiss on “Hell Or

Jericho says it’s funny because since Dee will be on later to where he may ask him
about it, says he was skimming thru his book which’s amazing & says it’s called
“Shut Up & Give Me The Mic”: . He says Dee
mentions that his old guitarist told him
“We’re Not Gonna Take It” is exactly like
“O Come All Ye Faithful”, asks if “Get Stoned” similiar to “I Miss The Misery” & says he’ll play both now.

12.Plays Hinder’s “Get Stoned” & Halestorm’s “I Miss The Misery”.

13.Jericho imitates the sounds from “I Miss
The Misery” to where he sounds like Larry
David, says there was some similarities to
where it wasn’t that blatent as some that
he’s heard & admits there’s some similarities. He says he don’t feel that both
will sue each other, says when Huey Lewis
did “I Want A New Drug” was when Ray
Parker Jr. who did “Ghostbusters” sued him
by claiming both were the same & says they
are to where he imitates sounds from both
songs. He says this ain’t the “Bad Karaoke
Of Jericho” but “The Rock Of Jericho”, says
that Dee will be coming up next & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show, says on the phone is 1 of the best singers you’ll hear to where he’s
prolific that the guy’s done everything & says it’s great having Dee on the show. He
asks him what’s going on, Dee says he’s
doing great which includes sitting in the
chair that Jericho’s sitting at Sirius XM’s
west coast studios & says it’s fantastic. He
says it’s got a bathroom-kitchen combo to
where it’s so nice that you can dump & warm up your burrito at the same time,
Jericho says he’s heard about Dee finding
out about the California sweet potato early
morning treat & Dee says yes to where he
says he used to do Fangoria radio for 3 years on Sirius XM.

Dee says the east coast offices are great to
where it’s like going to Oz, says it’s multi
leveled to where you walk in & makes a
heavenly type sound & says it’s unbelievable. He says another Oz at the right is Howard [Stern]: that’s private with security guards, says on the
west coast on Sirius XM West to where it’s
in the back of a rehearsal building & says it’s the opposite of the east coast office, but
it’s more cooler in it’s own way. Jericho says
that when going to a studio all you need is a pair of headphones or “cans” as it’s called
in the biz & a mic & says you don’t need all
the rest of the fancy space, because it’s taken up room.

Dee says “fancy, shmansy”, says that & a
burrito & a bathroom to cook it in & Jericho
says it’s funny because he’s known him for
years while doing his show for 1 year. He says he was reading Dee’s book recently to
where he asks on why he hasn’t had Dee on
the show, says with all the amazing stories
that’s in it with amazing things to talk about with the amazing things Dee’s done & says it’s so crazy. He says he viewed Dee’s
resume to where he’s done lots of stuff to
where he’s done what Jericho & others have done too. He says Dee expanded the
“Dee Snider Empire” to where he’s known
as the Twisted Sister singer but has multi
branded his name by doing many projects.

Jericho asks if he did that on purpose or did
he had an open mind on wanting to do
other things in the last 30 years, Dee says
fans ask them that a lot to where he always
says “it’s 10% inspiration, 90% desparation”
& plugs his book that’s out now & to where you can get
autographed copies: . He says it’ll make great holiday gifts, Jericho says it’s
great timing & Dee says if you read it, there’s a moment in his life where he says
he plans on doing only do 1 thing, which
was being a rock star. He says there was a
rude awakening in the early 90s which was
when he woke up & lost everthing.

Dee says it’s when the band broke up, the
music scene changed & says he had no exit
strategy. He says he was married with 3 kids
to where it was like “what now?”, says at that point he tried finding on “what now?”
would be & says it soon became voice over
work, some acting & radio & other things.
He says there wasn’t a grand plan because
it was like “oh my God, I gotta do something, what else can I do?”, Jericho says there’s a story in the book that’s
illustrated to where he says that Dee’s wife,
Suzette, who did either wedding planning,
photography or dresses & says she went to
a symposium to do some business. He says
Dee’s day job was to fly her some cars.

Dee says Suzette’s an F.I.T. graduate to where she did all the Twisted costumes at
the time, says she’s also a pro makeup artist
& says to make money on weekends, she’d
go & do wedding makeup. He says there’s
some wedding fairs to where if anyone
listening that’s married would know what
they are, says it’s where you’d see the band,
take them some food & other stuff & says
he’d go & sneak into the parking lot, because people in charge don’t like flying in
cars. He says when he got there he’d fly her
the cars, says that it’s not him who was struggling during the 70s but was him in
’94 post Twisted Sister & says he was still
recognizable that lost everything.

Dee says he was bankrupted to where he
wondered “what do I do, we gotta eat, gotta feed the kids”, says in his book he says he was running thru the parking lot
from security & not because of being afraid
of going to “catering hall jail”, but didn’t
wanna be recognized by someone to say
“Dee, what’re you doing out here in a parking lot, putting flyers on cars?”. He says
it was that desparate but you had to man up by doing what you gotta do, Jericho
agrees & says it was kinda tough in the 90s
for those that was famous in the 80s. He calls it an amazing story, Dee says they think they found a cure on what they did &
says it was like “ah yeah, that music in the 80s, we found a cure for that”, called grunge.

Jericho says they’re kinda jumping ahead but asks if grunge killed what Dee was doing, says he left Twisted Sister years
before that in ’87 or ’88 & Dee says they
broke up in ’87. He says after that he had a
band called Desperado that took a few years to get together, says it was soon
shelved in a terrible corporate nightmare &
says he had a band called Widowmaker in
’90. He says after that the grunge thing
occured to where he’s not pointing fingers
at it by saying “grunge killed 80s rock”, says
it’s what came in to what fans turned to &
says the reason for it, was that they were
tired & sick of the stupidity of 80s rock. He
says it lost it’s heart to where it was

Dee says it got taken from legit offshoot to
hair metals of the offshoot of metal, says that all of sudden at the end of the 90s it
was acoustic guitars & love songs & asks
“where’s the metal in that?”. He says fans were looking for something different to where Seattle guys were fed up of the hair metal scene by saying “oh we got something different”, says that fans went to
that & says they did themselves in. Jericho
says when talking about Twisted Sister’s
“Stay hungry, come on out & play”, says that “Stay Hungry”: & others are heavy & says they were known for fun stuff like the videos.

Jericho says it’s the videos that he made with anthetic songs, says when Twisted Sister started they were more of a heavier
kind of dirty sound to where it was street
level sound & says they never lost it. He says
when seeing “Under The Blade”: or “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”: , it was before they had costumes to where it was more of a denim & leather type of vibe during the
early years & Dee says they always had the
costumes, but didn’t do the Kiss thing to
where they didn’t wanna be seen in their
street clothes. He says on every album they’d show themselves as they walked
around which was denim & leather.

Dee says when Twisted started he joined them in ’76 to where they were slugging it
out in bars, says there wasn’t Motley Crue,
Ratt or hair metal & says they were an odd
ball metal band. He says when they were
signed on UK’s Secret Records with “Under
The Blade” they were out on the road with
Motorhead, Saxon, Metallica & other hard
metal bands. He says they were “that metal
band that wears the makeup”, says that MTV defined it to where it became
specialized which’s a good word for it & says at the time, it was like “oh anthems,
they’re about anthems”. He says they always were heavy but when the media,
record industry & TV/radio took a snapshot
of them & defines them by it.

Dee tells Jericho he probably experiences
that in wrestling to where once you start
making it, fans would say “bam, OK this is
what this guy is” & says that’s their definition of a picture or snapshot. Jericho
agrees especially when you’re branching out & doing other things, says it’s like “oh
the guy from Twisted Sister has a radio
show” or “the wrestling guy has a band” &
says people sometimes have problems with
“A” from “B”. He says he remembers with the “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” video: started with
jeans & a Tshirt, says it also showed live
footage of them with makeup on & Dee says that was their 1st video.

Dee says it was an odd 1 to where it went
from “on the streets” to on the stage, says
that many fans got introduced to them &
says lots of fans weren’t sure where they
were from. He says it’s because they had to
go to the UK for a record deal, then returned to the US from having success in
the UK with Kerrang magazine & says he
remembers being in Ohio & met some fans
that asked “hey man, where’s your English
accent?”. He asked them on what’re they
talking about, says that the fans said “we
bought your import & saw you in Kerrang
magazine, we just assumed you were a part
of the new wave of British heavy metal,
cause you’re 1 of those bands we saw over

Dee says they told the fans that they’re New York guys, Jericho says when thinking
on those early years with “Under The Blade” or “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” it’s
hard to choose 1 song & asks what song
stands out that shows on what Twisted
Sister stood for & what did he sounded like
before the “Stay Hungry” years. Dee says
he wrote every song by himself to where he’d never bring anything to the band but
had to vent the music first, says he’d write
50 songs but give them 25 & says he’d never bring something that he couldn’t live
with. He says fans would ask on what his favorite song is & says it’s “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Dee says it was 1 that was supposed to be
the title track for “Under The Blade” to
where the record was supposed to be “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”, says that the label
thought that “rock & roll” was not vogue or
something & says they decided to can it. He
says it’s 1 of their oldest songs that defines
them to where it’s more of what they are,
says they’ve always had their anthem as
“The Bad Boys Of Rock & Roll” & “I’ll Never
Grow Up Now” & says “You Can’t Stop Rock
‘n’ Roll” is the 1 that defines it for him.
Jericho says Dee can’t say it any better &
then plays the song.

14.Plays Twisted Sister’s “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

15.Jericho says “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” has it all to where it’s a great song,
chorus & an opening rif, says he remembers
starting in a band to where they’d play that
1 & says it was like “oh listen to this”. He
then makes the sounds from the song, says
you’d play it like “Smoke On The Water” to
where “oh that’s awesome dude” & says
that even though Dee wrote every song, he
asks if he plays guitar or just wrote everything in head while telling guys what
to play. Dee says he can play some guitar &
drums but sees that if he writes songs on
guitar, they were really simplistic & says the
only song he wrote on guitar, was

Dee then makes rif noises from “Destroyer”,
says in his head he thought he was a killer
guitarist in his brain & mind & says when he
just thought of rifs while singing to the guys, then he came up with songs like “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” & then makes rif
noises from that. He says he can sing that
stuff but can’t play it, says he just wrote it
with a hand held recorder & his voice singing all the parts & would tell guys “this
is the guitar part, this is what I like to sing on bass, this is the drums”. Jericho says he’d
show the guys on what to play & which way
to do it, says it’s interesting & says others
would say “well I can play a little bit of guitar on ‘Shout Of The Devil'”.

Jericho says in Dee’s case he’d sing it into
the recorder, then asks if it was cool trying
to explain that to the guys by saying “no,
don’t it this way, do it that way” & Dee says
it’s terrible. He says especially in the early
days because younger then the others, says
that now it’s all mood point when you’re in
your 50s & says when he was 20 & they were 23 & a 1/2, they were like New Yorkers
& he was a Long Island “rube”. He says he’s
trying to tell them that he’s got a song idea
to where they’re looking at him as if he’s
got horns, says he was explaing on how the
guitar sound’s like to where he makes the
rif noises of it, says he’s singing it to them &
says they’re like “ah, you mean like this?”.

Dee says once they saw that this “rube” has
some good ideas they worked with him more to where they listened on what he had to say, says that even though it sounded like a pile of jibberish till they finally laid all the tracks down & says he’d
put the vocal on. He says he couldn’t do the
vocal until they’d laid down the tracks, says
after that they’re like “OOOOOOOOOOH,
NOW WE GET IT, AWESOME” & says it has
always been a tough process for him. Jericho says “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”
was big in the UK, then they’d come to the
States & says with “Stay Hungry”, did he had any idea when having a song like
“We’re Not Gonna Take It” or “I Wanna Rock”.

Jericho says “The Price” was anthetic &
moving like the other 2, asks if everything
was a perfect storm before “Stay Hungry”
came out til they knew it was gonna be a hit
or was it something that kinda happened to
where he was surprised about & asks on
what was the vibe on going into the release
of that. Dee says songwriting’s a craft like
anything else, says that he’s been writing for years & says Twisted didn’t get signed
til they were together for 6 years before
they were signed 8 & a 1/2 before they broke. He says he was writing lots of songs
to where Twisted released some “club days”, demos & stuff & says he heard the
stuff that was his songs.

Dee says he thought “oh my God, no wonder we didn’t get signed, this stuff sucks”, says it was his songs & says he was
improving as a songwriter. He says as he
was developing his craft he started to know
on when he got something, says the interesting thing on “We’re Not Gonna Take It” to where it makes him laugh quite a bit is that it was referred to then as “the
soluf song” which was about once becoming
a fat cat kind of a deal & says he wrote the
hook on the song in ’80. He says this was
before they had a record deal, says he
couldn’t have been hungrier & says he never finished the song. He says he finished it in ’83.

Dee says it’s when he came back to where
it’s like “I got this great off, we’re not gonna, I don’t have the rest of the song”,
again says he finished it in ’83 & says at the
time he’s married with a kid in a 1 room
apartment. He says they had no money to
where they’re at the balls on their asses,
says he was hungrier then you’d ever wanna be & says that’s where he wrote
“We’re Not Gonna Take It”. He says that was the inspiration for the song, says that
even when writing the hook he remembers
telling Eddie Kramer when he did their 1st
demo on the song “I’ll Never Grow Up Now” & says it’s from their 1st demo from
“Under The Blade”.

Dee says Eddie said “this anthem stuff’s
really good, you got anything else?”, says he
told Eddie that he had an idea that he hasn’t finished yet but promises that the
song will be huge & says it was “We’re Not Gonna Take It” in ’80. He says he told them
he had an idea but it didn’t come out til ’84,
Jericho says once it was put on record Dee
felt it was gonna be a big song & asks on
how long was it from the “Stay Hungry”
release till “We’re Not Gonna Take It” took
off & if it was something that took a couple
of months. Dee says he’s constantly blowing
up Tom Werman to where he’ll do it again
because it makes him nuts & says he’s not a

Jericho says Tom produced “Stay Hungry”,
Dee says yes & also produced “Shout At The
Devil”: & says
Tom’s got 15 or 20 platinum albums to his
production credit. He says lightning struck
20 times to where Tom must’ve made a deal
with the devil, says it’s clear that it’s not
something that Tom’s doing & says he
begged Tom to where he got the songs &
“Stay Hungry”. He says he also has 3 great
particular songs which’re “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “I Wanna Rock” & “The Price”, says that Tom didn’t want any of them on it, says Tom went as far as to bring
Saxon songs for them to cover & says there
was some great songs.

Dee mentions “Long Arm Of The Law”,
“Denim & Leather” to where he sees it’s
Saxon, says it made Tom say “yeah great,
yeah we toured with them last 2 months
ago” & also told Dee “well nobody knows
them over here, you should do these songs”. He says he told Tom “we can’t do
Saxon songs”, says he loves Saxon but told
Tom that they’d be the laughing stock of the metal community by doing Saxon songs
& says they toured with Saxon to where
each did “Denim & Leather”. He again says Tom didn’t want “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “I Wanna Rock” & “The Price” on it, again says he begged him to put them on it
& says that Tom said “oh OK if you really
want them”.

Dee says as far as the record taking off, the
“You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” record was
selling in America without any support that
came from the UK from the success they had in Europe & says they were touring on the road to where it was selling 3,000 copies weekly. He says it soon went to
100,000 to 150,000 copies, says that’s when
Atlantic Records says “ah we got something
here even if we don’t want it, we got
something here” & says lots of people would say “oh it was MTV that made that
album”. He says he’s here to say to where
the average person may not get it, says to
trust him because it’s a huge number & says
“We’re Not Gonna Take It” went to 145 radio stations the week it came out.

Dee says there wasn’t any video for it at the
time, Jericho says it’s a lot & Dee says there
was a buzz & song to where fans talked about it. He says it was gonna happen to
where it happened fast once it came out,
Jericho says it was the video: that enhanced
the song but not the other way around &
says the song was either becoming a hit or
it was a hit, but the video just pushed it over a cliff. Dee says he calls it “nitroxocide”
for a single, says with MTV it’s like you’re
going fast & you’re a challenger to where
you’d hit the “nitrous” button to where it’s
BOOM & says he’s not discrediting the video’s importance.

Dee says it just went to another level that
they never imagined, says they thought like
other bands when they were growing up on
that they’d be 1 of those bands that went down the town, did a show, blew fans away & they’d went & buy your record. He says
they never thought they’d have hit singles,
says the average person on the street
wouldn’t know who Twisted Sister or Dee
Snider was & says they never thought they’d be a household word on what they
became. He says it just ran away with itself,
Jericho says with “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “I Wanna Rock”, “The Price” & “Stay Hungry” & asks what’s his favorite from
“Stay Hungry”.

Jericho says every song from “Stay Hungry”
is great to where every song from it could’ve been a single 1 way or another,
asks if there’s 1 he felt didn’t get it’s due
that it could’ve gotten or if there’s 1 that he
loves thinking about, writing or playing in
any way, shape or form. Dee says it’s
interesting because he thought “Don’t Let
Me Down” was gonna be a hit song, says that Tom thought it was gonna be a single
& says they never played it live. He says it’s
not that it didn’t connect but it wasn’t 1 of
the bigger tracks, says a song that got it’s
due as time went on which’s 1 of his favorites is where he screams by saying
“THIS ONES CALLED ‘BURN IN HELL'” to where he makes rif noises from it.

Dee says he loves that song to where he
mentions Dimmu Borgir, calls it a metal
classic & says when they play it, it’s almost as big “We’re Not Gonna Take It’ & “I Wanna Rock” to where fans love “Burn In
Hell”. Jericho calls it an amazing song to where it’s great, asks Dee to introduce the
song the way he did it earlier & Dee again

16.Plays Twisted Sister’s “Burn In Hell”.

17.Jericho says “Burn In Hell” is a great song to where he says he loves on how he
sang it, then impersonates Dee by saying
“there’s just 5 words to say” & says it sounds like a witchy type of a vocal. Dee
thanks him, Jericho calls it an amazing record on many counts to where it stands
the test of time to this day & says a couple of years ago, they re-recorded it for release
[“Still Hungry”]: .
He asks on what was the reason for it, Dee
says it was an interesting thing because when they reunited after many years & says
they broke up in ’87 & reunited in 2001. He
says in lots of years there was anamosity & uglyness.

Dee says what’s also interesting is that as you get older to where he talks deep & says
“as you get older”, then says when stuff was
so important to you when you’re in your 20s is when you’re in your 40s & that’s when you look at it & ask “what was I
thinking?”. He says it’s when you see it was
not important as compared to real issues,
says it’s 1 the things that helps fans get some bands to reunite & says it’s the realization that they were mad at each other for something stupid. He says some of
the band members were really high, then denies that he was 1 of them that was & says when you’re high, once you sober up
you’re like “what, what did I say?”.

Dee says for them reuniting they realized on something that he talks about in his
book to where he again plugs, Jericho says
it’s available at fine book stores near you &
Dee says that Jericho’s very kind enough to
do. He says that the band saw that things
were coming apart to where he says he’ll
blow up Tom again by saying it was during
the “Stay Hungry” recordings. He says the
key & trigger to that was the decision to
bring Tom in to produce, says he himself was a part of that decision & says Tom was
presented to them by the record label to
where they wanted Tom, because if they brought him in the label will get behind their record.

Dee says it was like being offered keys to
the kingdom with a caveat, says that none
of them were crazy about Tom producing
but some of them said “we want in” & says if we’ve got to work with this guy that’s gonna get us into the doors & in the big
party with all the money, they’re gonna do it. He says there a couple including Mark
Mendoza who was involved in the production up to Tom showing up, says that
Mark didn’t want Tom & says when Tom
came in, he sort of shut down. He says the
relationships started to become apart, says
as they’re recording their biggest record,
touring & reeping the awards of their biggest album & says they’re coming apart
at the seems of the band.

Dee says they were not getting along & says
the idea was “so, we should go back as some sort of a monster kind of thing for us”. He says as therapy they went & re-recorded “Stay Hungry” as a band to where
they fixed it sort of wrong in their minds, says their manager said “guess what? there’s a label that wants to finance something like that” & says his response to that was “great”. He says they’re paying for the therapy to where it’s awesome, says they went & re-recorded the album as a band to where they had a great time & says
when some fans heard it, some of them claim to hear a difference, some claim not to hear any difference & some claim they didn’t like it.

Dee says some claim they do like it. He says for themselves it was a healing process, Jericho calls it cathodic & asks on what kicked off the reunion process. Dee says they reunited for all the right reasons to where he’s proud of it, says he loves
rubbing it in faces of other bands & says they had no intentions on reuniting until 9/11 occured. He says all lived in NY to
where it hit them, then says it hit everyone besides themselves & says the more you were closer to Ground Zero, the more you felt it. He says they were offered to be on Eddie Trunk’s “NY Steel” to where they accepted it & says it started kind of talking to each other a bit.

Dee says they did a song for “Strangeland”: , but have never been in the studio together. He says if there
was ever a reason to put differences aside it’s when meeting a common enemy, says you’d fight among yourselves to where the common enemy arrives & says that’s when you’re like “OK, lets table this for a second & go kick this guys ass”. He says they reunited for the 1st time together to where
they performed for the troops overseas, says the reason was charitable to where they weren’t financial & says they wanted to
give money & do this & that. He says it was for a good reason to where they’re proud of it.

Jericho asks if it was strange putting on costumes after all those years & Dee says for the “NY Steel” show they didn’t. He says when they decided to officially do it & full blown he then admits it was friggin strange,
says he hasn’t worn them in 20 years to where he was in this house & wondered
“lets see if I remember how to put this makeup on” & says as he’s putting on the makeup in the bathroom he thought “I was out of my friggin mind”. He says as he’s viewing his face to where he said “man”, says after that he was in his daughters
room in 2001 to where she was either 4 or 5 at the time & says his face had the

Dee says as she’s sleeping he tells her
“honey, don’t be afraid when you open your
eyes, daddy’s gonna look a little strange”, says that since she’s seen photos of him like
that anyway & says putting the makeup on was weird. He says the 1st show they did they wore full blown makeup & costumes, says he came out of the bathroom to where
he had lipstick on his teeth & says “this is age appropriate makeup application” to where it’s like your aunt where she had lipstick on her teeth. He says he’s in his 40s
now to where they have to look like their age, Jericho asks if they still play shows & Dee says as Jericho made a statement, he sees “quick I back peddled, I may not be at the ‘LeRoth'”.

Dee say they play less to where they only do
festival shows, then plugs a Long Island Christmas show for the Hurricane [Sandy] relief to where it’s 12/16 & says it’s at the
Empoium: . He says they don’t do this often to where they weren’t gonna do a Christmas show this year, says this is a reason to do 1 to where it’s a good reason to do so & says as a rule, they go in the summer because it’s good for
the bones. He says they do shows like the
“Grass Top” Festival that holds 75,000, says
they do huge festivals like Download to where it’s now a hobby & says it’s fun with no pressure. He says they fly in to where it’s
rock stars with 1st class & everything.

Dee says everyone hangs with each other for a couple of days to where they laugh with no stress & says they rock & go home. He says for him it’s more of a positive place to be musically without the grind of being on the road & touring, Jericho asks on
what’s his favorite song to play live & Dee says when you repeat the question, that’s a sign that you’re stalling to think. He says he
loves playing the hits because you can see the audience right up at the speed of sound, says it’s like when you’re in front of 75,000 that’s got delay towers in the back &
says it’s where you’ll go “I WANNA” to
where you’ll see smiles at the front. He says you can see it to where it’s like a wave that’s across the crowd.

Dee says that every hand shoots up in the air & says “I Wanna Rock” & “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is great. He mentions “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Burn In Hell” & others, says there’s 1 that he loves playing to where it’s not 1 of their biggest songs, but says he loves the rock & groove. He says
he loves that it’s 1 of their oldest songs to where he loves that the band responds to it
when they kick it in, says it’s from “Under The Blade” to where it’s “Shoot ‘Em Down” & Jericho calls it a classic to where he now plays it.

18.Plays Twisted Sister’s “Shoot’em Down”.

19.Jericho says that the 1 thing Dee’s been blessed with beside a million other things is
that he can always write an anthenic chorus, says “Shoot ‘Em Down’s” 1 of them to where you can always remember a Twisted Sister song because they’ve got many hooks in all of their tunes. He says that’s 1 of the reason on why made it as huge as they & why they still have great crowds today, Dee thanks him to where he appreciates it & says he loves songs that make you put fists & horns to the air. He says he’s always pumping fists at shows to where he always likes songs that you can sing along & says the ones for him, are the ones that you put your fists in the air & say “school’s out”.

Dee says since those appeal to him as a songwriter he gravitates to songs like that, says they became ultimately & at the end of the day it becomes a snapshot & says Twisted Sister’s a snapshot of his screaming
face with hair for days & the big hook. He says it’s the big “I Wanna Rock” & the battle
cry, says there’s worse things then being known for 1 thing & says others ain’t
known for anything. He says his goal’s to do
a 1 song set, says he’ll be like Tony Bennett when he’s at his 70s to where he’ll walk on stage & says you’ll hear “ladies &
gentlemen, Dee Snider”. He says he’ll do
“when I come by, GOOD NIGHT” to where he’ll walk on the other side.

Jericho tells him to do telethons & Dee says it’s like in the old movies to where they do 1 song & that was it. He says “really, they only did 1 song? yeah, a 1 song set”, says to love it or leave it & Jericho tells Dee that it’s
been great having him on the show. He says
it’s 1 of those things to where he looks up &
says “oh my gosh, it’s been like 35 minutes already”, says it went by in 2 seconds & plugs Dee’s book. He says it’s not just an amazing story but it’s very well written, says
it’s like himself to where he wrote every word in the book & says that’s the way he did his books [“A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex”: & “Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps”]: .

Jericho says it’s why they did so good
because fans know that they’re hearing you
to where it’s coming from your mouth, calls Dee’s story amazing & says to get Dee’s
book for Christmas to where it’s a great present. Dee again plugs the 12/16 show & then plugs the 12/20 & 21 at Cabaret 54 Below:
& says he’ll be doing “Dee Does Broadway” & “Holiday Favorites”. He then plugs his Broadway classics CD [“Dee Does Broadway”]: that
he rocks out to, says that reviews for it are great to where nobody knows what to do with it & says he had a blast doing it.

Dee says the reason for this show’s that he wrote a musical called “A Very Twisted Christmas” which’s in development now, says this is a showcase that’s got Broadway producer types that’re looking to be involved & says he’s trying to give some
“Dee-flavor” of what the musical’s about. He says he’d love to see anyone come down
for these 2 shows of this magic, Jericho says
Dee’s got so much stuff occuring, says he’s heard his great Broadway CD & says the Christmas CD [“A Twisted Christmas”]: is great to where
he’ll play some of it on his Christmas show. He again tells Dee it’s been great having him on the show to where it’s been a long time coming.

Jericho says he’s glad that he finally got to hook it up & Dee says it’s always a pleasure.
He says he’s got massive respect for him to where it’s like himself, Jericho’s branched out to where it shows that both do what they do & says that Jericho wrestled while Dee sang in a crazy rock band. He calls Jericho a maniac wrestling but it’s not the only thing he’s capable of doing but
because he wanted to do it, says it’s something that what bothers him the most is that the assumption to where because being in Twisted Sister he couldn’t do anything else & says it’s not the case for Jericho, Mick Foley: or other talented people.

Dee says because you do something crazy with your lives to where maybe you wanna have some fun, Jericho agrees & Dee says maybe there’s choices to have fun in your lives. He again says he respects Jericho to where he thanks him for giving him respect,
Jericho thanks Dee to where he tells him he’ll talk to him soon & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show, again thanks Dee to where it was an amazing interview & calls him a great guy with so much stuff to talk
about. He says Dee can really talk, says that Dee’s got many projects coming up who has
had many past projects & again calls him a great guy. He again thanks Dee, then thanks fans for listening & requesting songs
& says who wanted to hear Fozzy’s “A Passed Life”. He says it’s from “Sin & Bones”: to where the song has the best vocals that he’s ever done & says he really stretched himself on the song.

Jericho says it’s something unique from anything they’ve done before to where it’s why it worked so well. He says as time goes by “A Passed Life” will gain a life of it’s own as 1 of the best from “Sin & Bones”, says they don’t play it live but his goal’s to do the “Sin & Bones” CD in it’s entirety for a special tour. He says “A Passed Life” would be played for sure, says it’s like “The Doors meets early Maiden meets Type-O-Negative” type vibe, says “last song” 4 times
to where he plays the song now & says to crank it up.

20.Plays Fozzy’s “A Passed Life”.

21.Jericho asked on what did you think of the lyrics “into the moonlight I ride, 1 way
trip to the other side”, calls that deep stuff
& hopes you liked the song & the “Sin &
Bones” CD. He says Fozzy’s somewhere in
Europe now, says he pre-recorded the show
to where the cat’s out of the bag & says they maybe in Leeds, England to where it’s a sold out show today. He then in a British
accent says he’s talking to you from the UK,
says he hopes you enjoyed the Fozzy show & ROJ & in his regular voice he again thanks
Dee for being on the show. He again says
Ripper will be on next week, says to stick
around because it’s gonna be amazing &
again plugs his Twitter for your requests.

Jericho again says thanks, says to stay cool,
hard, hungry & heavy & says he’ll see you
next week. He says he loves you all, says
good night to where you’re the greatest &
God bless you & that’s how the show ends.

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