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Detailed 12/3 WWE Raw Recap

We open the show with Team Hell No coming to the ring.  Up at the top of the arena we see the Shield looking down.  Kane gets on the mic and tells the shield to come down and be men not cowards.  Out come the Prime Time Players.


Prime Time Players vs WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No

Non-Title Match

No funny stuff from Team Hell No.  They are too focused on The Shield.  Cole lets us know that Kane has wrestled more matches in WWE than anyone in history.  Tonight is his 899th match.  I am not sure about this.  I would guess that in the 80′s Hogan and his crew wrestled more if you include house shows.  The Shield are slowly making thier way down to the ring.  They have seperated out and the crowd is loving it.  In the ring Darren Young is working over Daniel Bryan with elbow after elbow.  Bryan flips it and locks on the label lock.  Young breaks out and The Shield are now at ring side.  Young tries a monkey flip on Bryan, but he rolls through for the pin.


Winners-Team Hell No

After the match the Shield attack Team Hell No. They jump both of the violently and leave them in a heap.

Backstage Cena and Sheamus are talking about their match later tonight against Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.  Should be a good one.


Back from the break we have some in ring action….


Tamina Snuka vs AJ Lee

This rivalry has been building for a few weeks now.  I figured that we would see this move into a Pay-Per-View but it ends quick her tonight with AJ getting a school boy roll up on Tamina.


Winner-AJ Lee

After a few minutes we hear the champs music hit.  CM Punk is coming to the ring!!!

After the break Heyman tells us how tomorrow Punk’s title reign will be longer than Cena’s.  He says that on the Mount Rushmore of WWE Punk should be front and center.  Bigger than Hogan, Rock, Austin and the Undertaker.  He says he is the reason people come to the arena.  He says this is his arena.  He tells the crowd to get up and leave.  Nobody is giving him any credit.  They are blaming The Shield, Brad Maddox, or whoever for Punk’s title reign.  Hit The Miz’s music.  Not sure why?  The Miz tells the crowd to stay in thier seats.  He says that when he was WWE Champion he lied and cheated, but at least he admitted it.  he says the reason he is out here tonight is to invite Punk on to MizTV and take a Lie Detector Test to prove he had nothing to with the Shield.  Punk says this is rediculous.  Miz says that if Punk passes the test he can shove in everybody’s face that he is the best in the world.


Back from break we have a big one folks!!!

John Cena and Sheamus vs World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler

Cena is still getting the biggest pop.  The crowd loves and hates him.  Sheamus and Ziggler start it off.  Cole mentions that it is interesting that Ziggler is teaming with the World Champion.  He says Ziggler could cash in his MITB briefcase tonight if he wants.  Which by mentioning this insures he will not cash in tonight.  Ziggler works Sheamus over pretty good, but Sheamus makes a big comeback and tags in Cena.  Now we have the soon to be pay-per-view match up.  Cena and Ziggler begin trading shots with crowd chanting “Let’s go Cena, Cena Sucks!”  Gotta love it .  This is a quick but good match ending with Cena hitting the AA on Ziggler and Sheamus hitting the White Noise on The Big Show.  Cena gets the pin and the win.


Winners-John Cena and Dolph Ziggler

Damien Sandow makes his way out to the ring and tells the crowd he is picking an apprentice.  He scans the crowd dropping insult after insult on them.  He finally picks one and tells him to come to the ring.  He asks him three questions and the fan gets the first two right, but misses the second one.  Sandow calls him the idiot of the week and laughs at him.  Out comes Santino Marella.  He asks Sandow how many seas shells does she sell by the sea shore.  Very funny.  After some more banter we get a match.


Damien Sandow vs Santino Marella

This is a quick match with quite a bit of comedy.  Sandow has had enough and finishes Santino Off.

Winner-Damien Sandow

Backstage we see Vicki Guererro with Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler is asking Vicki for a rematch with Cena at the TLC PPV.  She says she is losing faith in Dolph.  He assures her he will pull this off.  She smiles and agrees.  It will be Cena vs. Ziggler at TLC!

Vicki walks into her office and Brad Maddox is waiting.  He tells her he needs to be on Raw.  He will turn good TV into Great TV.  She agrees and tells him he will have a match tonight and to not let her down.

Back in the Ring….


Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio

This is a great match up of Mexican stars.  Sin Cara with a little more history as Mistico.  Del Rio strikes early with some stiff shots to Sin Cara.  he hits snap suplex on Sin Cara, which Cole calls out as a move.  Rare, they never call out moves anymore.  Sin Cara then takes over with arm drag after arm drag.  Sin Cara sends Del Rio out of the ring and into the barracade.  Big hit on Del Rio.  We head to break.  After the break Sin Cara in still in control.  But one missed move and Del Rio takes control.  Del Rio is pulling on Sin Cara’s mask and has it half off.  Always an anxious moment for a luchadore.  Sin Cara gets out of it and we had for a few near falls.  Sin Cara lands a high cross body for a 2 and 7/8 count.  Del Rio locks on the arm bar from out of nowhere.


Winner via submission-Alberto Del Rio

Backstage we see Vince walking and grabing a stage hand.  He tells him to tell Vicki he wants to have a conversation with her in the ring now.


In the Ring Vince talks to Vicki about the Cena Ziggler match.  He tells her if she really wants to make it an epic match she should add a stipulation.  She says it should be No DQ.  He disagrees and says bigger.  He then whispers in her ear and she shouts Ladder Match!!!  Vince agrees with his own idea.. It will be a ladder match for Ziggler’s MITB briefcase!!!  Vicki is not happy.  He then asks her about the lie detector test for later tonight.  He says if Punk is found to be a liar someone must pay.  She says it should be the mastermind behind it Paul Heyman.  She then says is Punk is found to be a Liar we will have a match next week.  Paul Heyman vs Ryback!!!  Vince is happy, hit his music.


After break we are back in the ring for Brad Maddow vs. his mystery opponent.  If Brad wins he gets a WWE contract.  Brad is out first and waits with baited breath to see who it will be.  Randy Orton.

Randy Orton vs Brad Maddox

WWE Contract for Maddox if he beats Orton

Maddox is beside himself with fear.  Total sqash match.  Orton makes Maddox bleed the hard way.  RKO for the win.


Winner-Randy Orton.

After the match The Shield rush in and level Orton.  The beat him senseless and set him up for the powerbomb. Who will be next for the Shield?

Backstage we see Vicki Guererro and Dolph Ziggler.  He is livid with her about setting up the ladder match with Cena at TLC.  He tells her he thought they were on the same page, but she is just like AJ.  He leaves and incomes Paul Heymen.  The stare at each other for a really, really, really, long time.  Vicki tells Paul he better hope Punk is not lying.  Paul then smirks and walks out.  Enter John Cena.  He tells Vicki thank you for the match.  He lets her know that he is the only man to win the MITB briefcase, cash it in and lose.  He says when he gets it this time he will win the Championship.

In the ring we have Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cesaro, R-Truth, Wade Barrett.  This is supposed to be a tag match, but Teddy long comes out and makes it a Fatal 4-Way for the belt.  Which belt?  They are doing a Rawactive poll on twitter.  You can tweet and say whose title you want on the line.  Back from the break and it is the US Title voted to be on the line 83%-17%.

US Title Match

Champion Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett vs R-Truth

The match begins with Truth and Kofi clearing the ring.  Kofi hits suicide dive on Barrett and Truth tries the same and misses.  Kofi then attempts a double ax handle of the top of the stairs onto Cesaro, but he hits him with the European Upper cut.  He hits it hard and I think Kofi is hurt.  We go to break.

Back from break and Antonio and Kofi are going at in in the ring.  The upper cut was incredible.  Truth makes his way in and sets up for his finisher, but Barrett from out of nowhere takes his place.  Kofi hits a high cross body, but Barrett kicks out.  It is near fall city folks!!  Barrett sets Truth up for a super plex but Truth kicks him off.  Cesaro attacks Truth on the top rope, but Kofi comes infor the save.  Barrett sets up the super plex again but Cesaro makes the save.  We now only have Barrett and Kofi in the ring.  Kofi sets up for trouble in paradise, but Cesaro blocks. After about 8 more reversals, Antonio hits the finisher for the win.  Incredible match.

Winner and still US Champion Antonio Cesaro

Back from break we have the lie detector with CM Punk.

Punk comes out and is hooked up to a lie detector.  He says start asking me questions.  Do I think the Miz sucks, Yes.  Is this the worst show on Raw, Yes.  Miz begins by asking Punk if Rey Mysterio shaved his head?  Punk says yes but is not happy.  Miz then asks if at the WrestleMania that Miz main evented, did Punk Lose to Randy Orton.  Punk says yes, but says they stole the show.  Punk thinks this is dumb and starts to leave.  Miz then asks him is he was behind Brad Maddow at Hell in a Cell, and if he is behind the Shield?  Just as Punk is about to answer, The Shild attacks Miz.  The are working him over and out comes Team Hell No followed by Ryback.  They all chase the Shield out of the arena leaving Punk in the ring with a fallen Miz.  Punk asks Miz to ask him questions now.  He says am I about to kick you, then he kicks the Miz.  Punk says yes, very funny.  Punk climbs the ropes and poses for the crowd.  But behind him is Ryback.  Ryback gets a table, a ladder, and a chair and goes to work on Punk.  Good set up for TLC.




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  1. Scott says:

    Ugh. Maybe I should have stayed at work tonight. The hell?!? Crap so far

  2. Mr. Black says:

    Screw John cena. Now the match is for the briefcase? That egomaniac better let Ziggler go over.

  3. havok says:

    i smell a heel turn for aj at tlc

  4. guestbooker says:

    Should have had Ziggler cash in at the end. He could have “outsmarted” Mr. McMahon and really progressed his character.

  5. -J- says:

    aj will help mrs cena win so she can cash in against dwayne

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