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Former WWE developmental wrestler goes off on Bill DeMott

Kevin Matthews posted the following on Twitter..

“1 day I saw Ice Train in the shower @ WCW the same time creative asked what I want my gimmick 2b. I said THATS A HUGE ERECTION. #DeMottcracy.

“Remember my run as WCW US Champion? The company went out of business shortly after my first title run. #DeMottcracy.

“One of my favorite sayings to the students is “do as I say not as I do” what it means is I’m the drizzling fn shit. TrueStory #DeMottcracy.

“My word is gold. WHEN @billdemott gets fired from WWE which should be soon he has a personal invite from me to do me vs him live at PWS.

“I love the WWE, I enjoy watching there show I enjoyed my matches w them and even like Johnny Ace. My hatred for DeMott has zero to do w WWE.

“Some ppl claim Im a great trainer,those ppl still have jobs w WWE. Its called politics.If they speak up,I make sure there fired #DeMottcracy.

“Buy my book its a great fairytale to read to your children before bed time. #DeMottcracy.

“I made Angel Williams do 40 up and overs till she snapped her Patella tendon in half and was out for 9months. TrueStory #DeMottcracy.

“WWE hired Khali solely 2 feud with Taker.they needed him 2learn how to work. I made him run miles. They were pissed. TrueStory #DeMottcracy.

“This just keeps getting better! NXT talent just texted me that Bill DeMott is asking talent NOT to report injuries 2the office. #DeMottcracy.

“Did the Tough Enough cameras stop rolling? I can’t tell the difference. Torn ACL? Walk it off and get back in there. #DeMottcracy.

“Scott Dawson is nursing an injury he got training with me, under my watch doing my drill. Its completely his fault. #DeMottcracy.

“Anyone want to take a guess how long till I’m back in McDonough GA working for FedEx again? I say March. #DeMottcracy.

“I print out negative reports off the internet that blame me &hang them up in the lockerroom 4the boys 2c & then I yell at them. #DeMottcracy

“After Kevin Matthews tore his bicep & had sugery I asked him if he had a lot of pain killers. I needed my candy. TrueStory #DeMottcracy.

“How many more pills do I have to take till I drop dead already? #DeMottcracy.

“Ur right u obese cocksucker @billdemott in the end I will win. Because in the end u will b unemployeed, w no friends & no power JUST LIKE B4.

“Ur a washed up bitter pill popping drug addict bi polar cunt. Must feel good knowing the business will celebrate the day u die. @billdemott.

“Hey @billdemott remember when u tried to shoot on me twice & laid on me. Remember how easily I threw you off like hot garbage? Id love 2 cu.

“I have several NXT/FCW students who are leaking shit to me left n right. I will expose every wrong step this fat cunt @billdemott makes.”

Demott replied: Hey @2CockyKM didn’t realize you are on Social Media. Glad to see things are going well for you, would like to catch up some time. Judging by your tweets you know where I am. Stop by sometime let’s catch up, Happy Holidays.#DEMOTTCRACY

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14 Responses

  1. jimmy tame says:

    Not one to comment much but…what this guy is saying is true. There is no basis for what this guy has talent do. I was at a recent tryout at fcw and this goof had refs trying to run drills like the wrestlers, humiliated talent by having them kneel to the ropes and would pull them back to hit their heads if they didn’t perfrom to his expectations. He was yelling at talent for drinking water and going to the bathroom. Give me a break…

  2. jimmy tame says:

    I remember at the tryout demott was joking with steve keirn and said “i just want one more run coach” i was thinking to myself when the hell was your first you fat, lazy talentless goof.

  3. jimmy tame says:

    One more thing…demott has zero training or education to run talent through conditioning drills. He’ll be gone before you know it.

  4. Scott says:

    Called for or not, did anybody get bored of reading this halfway through?!?

  5. McMahon says:

    Demott’s response was great.

  6. Hipnosis says:


  7. heehee says:

    Classy reply from Demott there.

  8. Ostego says:

    Wow, no wonder this guy was cut. He couldn’t handle a little playground hazing. Just imagine what he would do if he was in the showers with JBL.

  9. cool arrow says:

    Some bitching about a has-been by a never-was. I should care about this, why exactly?

  10. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Youtube: Hugh Morrus tribute at WCW Nitro
    Edge and Christian and Hugh Morrus
    Mike Awesome vs Hugh Morrus
    Bill Demott Tribute

  11. luke says:

    Having pointless drills and then getting mad at talent for having an injury isnt hazing

  12. Boogeyman says:

    Through all Kevin Matthews tweets it took one tweet from Bill to own him.

  13. Rasha the vudoo mon says:

    He Is a Bully, opportnist, politican, and scum… What he does has nothing to do with training for WWE.. One of my boys tore his Quad because of Bill and his stupidity . This guy I don’t know but I do know he isn’t lying at all about Bill and it was worse the first time he was there… Kiern Pritchard Demott all only care about thier asses and they wont even send negative feedback up north because it makes them look bad….. It’s a joke.

  14. dave says:

    Bills response isn’t funny. It was a thin response with no purpose but to no sell the truth that had been posted.

    There’s a difference between hazing and being reckless to a point where you could be ending careers.

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