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DC Drake passes away

Rob Feinstein via Facebook:

“Just heard that sad news that DC Drake passed away. I remember DC from old TWA days. He was one of those great brawlers and had some great matches with JT Smith and countless others. I knew he was sick and he blamed it on steroids. So for all of you “workers” out there that think size matters well look at what your doing to yourselves and realize you don’t need to be big to be a great worker. Paul E Normous another incredible guy outside the ring that faced the same fate due to juice. Just food for thought….Our condolences go out to the friends and family of DC Drake.”

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  1. NCW Promoter says:

    He Was The Promoter For The CWA In Pa Before NWF I Had Great Matches With Him In Both He filled in some dates for the WWF as the Masked Superstar too on some shows when Bill Eadie left I remember his daughter is about 35 now she was like 4 or something A lot of fun I remember talking to his dad way back in the early 1980’s Worked NWA shows with him also we had Fun He As DC Drake and the DC Drake Ray Apollo ” Doink” Mike Kahula,Micky Gilligan,Damien Payne The Legendary JOOOOOOOOOOOE McHugh was his anouncer we used to draw 450 people every other week for TV on cable over about 5 States the Top show they had NWF had a show Abdullah The Butcher and Brusier Brody At a Fair The Cage Fell On The Fans They Put It Back Up And Continued The Match LOL Good Times LOL I Remember The Night Autum Armagedden He Broke His Ankle And We Still Worked We had are Ups and Downs But Always Came back To Talking He Helped A Lot Of Kids Worked With Half Way House Kids Too TWA With Joel Goodhard Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert, Cactus Jack,Sandman Woman, And Many Others It Was Fun And Before ECW The Cheatah Kid In A Reverse Steel Cage Battle Royal WOW Don Drake Take Care Say Hi Nancy And Everyone Else Who Left Us Too Soon CWA,NWF,TWA,ECW All Had A Little Don DC Mad Dog Drake

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