Rob Feinstein Remembers The ECW Invasion Of 1997

Nov 30, 2012 - by staff

Yesterday afternoon during his Podcast “In The Ring With RF Video”, RF Video Owner Rob Feinstein reminisced the glory days of ECW. More specifically the night of February 24th 1997. That was the night Paul E. Dangerously answered the challenge of Jerry “The King” Lawler,by bringing his Band Of Misfits as they were refereed to  by Lawler,to The Manhattan Center in NYC.

Feinstein talks about the day leading up to the show that night…….How The ECW Workers were treated…….Meeting Vince McMahon…..Being part of the show that night,and the warning he got from Tommy Dreamer…….If there was legit heat with Heyman and Lawler……All this plus all the latest wrestling news and Rob makes a HUGE announcement concerning the future of RF Video!!!!!!

To listen to the entire show it can be found on archive at

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