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Report: Jim Cornette “on sabbatical” from Ring of Honor

Reported by Adam Martin of

The Wrestling Observer has confirmed with Ring of Honor officials this week that Jim Cornette is “officially on sabbatical” from the promotion. According to the report, Cornette “blew up” at the last television tapings in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania and was not scheduled to attend the 12/16 Final Battle iPPV. The report states Cornette became very frustrated with how some things had been going both inside and outside the company and had used wording that was described as being “stronger than one would expect to get away with” in a company now run by the Sinclair Broadcast Group. Sources within ROH felt Cornette had been burnt out. Hunter “Delirious” Johnson, who remains the booker of ROH, will be replacing Cornette for the time being to assist in the production of television.

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  1. yea right says:

    “Sabbatical”.. sure.. sounds like the dirt sheets/newz sites covering for their boy. Face it, he’s done in this business.

  2. Y_set says:

    He’s not getting along with WWE, then with TNA, and now with ROH ?? Seriously, he should ask himself what is wrong with him before start blaming others.

  3. JD Storm says:

    sabbatical is just the nice way of saying Cornette’s done with ROH. i’ll personally be amazed if he gets a steady job in the business after this. Cornette should follow Y-set’s advice and take a nice long look at himself. see what’s wrong with himself instead of blaming everyone else.

  4. Denis says:

    Cornette is one of the great minds in wrestling. Unfortunately today’s product is sports entertainment. Sometimes he gets carried away with himself, but if I were running a company I would have him book my shows.

  5. Scott says:

    Pretty much with Denis on that opinion. He’s a good mind, but I think he would have been better off being a booker years ago.

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