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Match being discussed for Wrestlemania 29

Ryback vs. The Big Show

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Con Cara says:

    So, they’re gonna do the same thing Big Show did (if he’s still champ by then), lose against the WWE, so go to the World Championship and win it? Doesn’t really reflect well on the WHC.

  2. guzman says:

    to unify the world championships 😉

  3. DBRude says:


  4. Hipnosis says:

    no. Ryback vs The Rock “YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’?”

    “FEED ME MORE!” lol or Ryback vs Undertaker if he appears

  5. Todd says:


    WWE Championship
    CM Punk (c) vs The Undertaker

    The Rock vs John Cena II

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Sheamus (c) vs The Miz

    Ryback vs The Big Show

    Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar

    Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler (big plans for Ziggler, expect the long awaited Ric Flair return, revealing himself to be Dolph’s new manager………then expect him to finally cash in his breifcase to become the new world champion leading to a Ziggler vs Miz feud)

    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    (will be returning this year, added stipulation the winner gets a shot at both WWE and world heavyweight title, i.e cashes in on WWE title, loses, still has world heavyweight title opportunity.)
    Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs Alberto Del Rio vs Christian vs Antonio Cesaro

  6. Mel says:

    Lol, who cares?

  7. Chewie215 says:

    For the title I hope

  8. Dragon says:

    great with the shows getting longer it really needs a second bathroom break other than the divas match

  9. Nope says:

    I really dont want Cena Vs Rock 2 its been done. Now do something else.

  10. ManWhale says:

    I hope rhodes wins the money in the bank, he’s ready. or give kofi a lil 2-3 month title reign and then lose to daniel bryan setting up daniel bryan vs cm punk fued

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