11/28 WWE Main Event Recap (Cena vs. Sandow)

Nov 28, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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WWE Main Event on Ion Television

Airdate: November 28, 2012

by Chris Aiken | lariatrope@live.com | @lariatrope

WWE Main Event opened with Michael Cole and John Layfield in the ring and they welcomed viewers to this week’s episode that was taped in Bossier City, LA. They plugged the night’s featured match then video packages featuring John Cena and Damien Sandow aired as well as a short Tout video with Cody Rhodes who wished his tag team partner Sandow luck in his match. After Cena came to the ring, Sandow cut a promo during his entrance calling Cena a false idol and basically said his run as the top babyface would come to an end. We shall see about that.

Match: John Cena defeated Damien Sandow

After they locked up and exchanged headlocks, Sandow rolled out of the ring only for Cena to follow, forcing Sandow back in the ring. Sandow tried to get a knee up as Cena charged into the corner but Cena blocked it and tried what appeared to be a monkey flip. It was an ugly version of the move. They locked up and Sandow rolled out the ring again and looked to make an early exit up the ramp but Cena went outside and threw him back in the ring. They faded to commercial with Sandow on the offensive.

According to Cole, Sandow was “impressive” during the commercial break and to celebrate, Sandow did a cartwheel and applied a side headlock on Cena but he fought out and got Sandow in the fireman’s carry setup for the Attitude Adjustment. Sandow blocked the move and Cena missed a shoulder tackle and slid out of the ring. Sandow blocked the STF and both went down after a double clothesline. This match included many punches, kicks and several headlocks. Not exactly a technical wrestling masterpiece but Sandow was once again in control of the match before another commercial break.

Cole again said Sandow was impressive after the break and Sandow did another cartwheel but this time Cena was tied up in the ropes. After breaking free from the ropes, Cena hit a flying tackle that may have been an attempt at a Thesz press. Cole said Cena then employed a “pound and ground” style which is a term we have not heard Cole mess up in a while. At ringside, Sandow threw Cena into the steps. Back in the ring, Sandow hit a neckbreaker and did another cartwheel that Cole called the “Rotation of Elimination” and Layfield made a reference to Frank Brody after Sandow dropped a leaping knee on to Cena. I can only assume he meant Frank Goodish who is best known as Bruiser Brody. Cena charged into the corner but Sandow caught him with an elbow then he did another cartwheel. Cena made a comeback and landed the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Sandow blocked the AA only for Cena to eventually apply the STF. Sandow quickly tapped out and Cena won the match by submission.

A recap aired featuring CM Punk beating Kane from Raw that lead to The Shield jumping Kane and also triple teaming Ryback who tried to make the save. Daniel Bryan’s unsuccessful run-in was cut out of the highlights but Punk towering over Ryback following the beating was shown. Following the recap, Josh Mathews was supposed to interview Sandow but he no-showed and sent a letter instead which Mathews read before Antonio Cesaro came to ring and a short video package aired highlighting the US champion.

Match: US Champion Antonio Cesaro beat Zack Ryder in a non-title match

The announcers really put over Cesaro who basically outwrestled Ryder in the match though Ryder used a few sunset flips to no avail but hit a dropkick that sent Cesaro tumbling out to ringside. Still, Cesaro quickly regained control of the match and, during the commercial break, rammed Ryder ribs first into the ringpost. Cesaro rolled out of the ring to avoid the Broski Boot and Ryder attempted a plancha only for Cesaro to hit him with an uppercut after he flew over the ropes. Back in the ring, Cesaro used the Neutralizer for the pin.

Following the match, Cesaro cut a promo in the ring saying Ryder represented everything that was wrong with America before he said he was disgusted by the crowd. He claimed to be the greatest champion in WWE history which brought out Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston who said he would be facing Cesaro next week on Main Event. They plugged the match and the show came to a close.

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