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Update on Impact Rating: lowest rating in years

Running a brand new episode of Impact on Thanksgiving night was not such a great idea for TNA as the show registered its lowest rating on a Thursday since 2007. Impact Wrestling only scored a 0.77 rating last week with an average of 1,190,000 viewers. Despite the bad number, the viewership wasn’t the lowest although it wasn’t far off. Many TV shows run repeats on major holidays due to a low television audience.

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  1. Matt says:

    Football and thanksgiving and people travelling ..I see nothing wrong with that rating!

  2. Scott says:

    With Matt. If this was the number from an Impact not impacted (no pun intended) by the holidays and football, it would be at least a 1 or so. The biggest proof is that first hour of Impact, with a close finish to the Cowboys-Redskins game, A HUGE rivalry game (for you Brits, a good equivilant would be Manchester United vs. Liverpool.

    Nothing to worry about here, move along.

  3. Wookey says:

    For you Brits? Manchester United vs. Liverpool in my eyes ISN’T a huge rivalry much anymore. That’s like saying Billy Kidman did something to the Great Khali 😉

    But I understand where you’re coming from..

  4. Scott says:

    Well I know those two had some epic battles in the past, so that was the first thing that came to mind.

  5. Jon says:

    The rating doesnt apply to brits or anyone outside of the usa really, i mean, you do realize that neilsen ratings only apply to american viewers right?so 0.77 is a terrible rating, and regardless of justifying it, the reality is, the rating sucks EVEN for TNA who think a 1.0 is a huge rating.

  6. fairfax says:

    Jon you don’t know much about ratings do you? At a 1.0 TNA is the highest rated sure on Spike TV. Everyone gets up in arms when the wwe scores a 3 our even below but the truth is, thats a great rating and still one of the highest in all of cable tv. Now when you compare that to the 6’s they where doing at the height of threw attitude era it seems like a low number butt the truth is those 6’s where only half of what they where drawing in the 80’s! It wasn’t uncommon for an episode of Superstars to do a 12. With the evolution of technology and how people watch these days a 3 is tremendous and a with impact! a 1 is easily the highest rated show on spike tv and really a great draw for all of cable.

  7. Scott says:

    Does a .77 suck?!? Yes, but at the same time, all things have to be considered. I’d bet you money next week, TNA is back to a 1.0

  8. alan says:

    how come when wwe has way low ratings so many people come up with reasoning that its because of monday night football, etc…. but when tna gets a lower than usual rating (especially on a major holiday) then they say it sucks. You wwe marks cant have it both ways

  9. cold says:

    If TNA had Stock holders to please other than Bob Carter and the folks over @spike tv, then 1.19 Million viewers might be an issue but TNA doesn’t so it likely isn’t an issue given the fact that it was a holiday
    ::::::::::::: FURTHERMORE:::::::::::
    I believe that was TNA’s REASON For having All of those ROOKIE MATCHES, why blow a decent angle on a night when no one is going to be home or NOT paying attention to a TV.
    ::::::::::::::::AND LASTLY:::::::::::::::::::::
    Isn’t TNA Normally Preempted by a STAR WARS or QUENTIN TARANTINO marathon on THANKSGIVING????

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