Review of Breaking Kayfabe with Lanny Poffo‏

Nov 26, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

By Alan Wojcik

He has been a “Genius” and the “Poet Laureate of the WWF” but in the end he is the son of Angelo Poffo and the younger brother of the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage. To Kayfabe Commentaries Lanny Poffo is the next guest in their groundbreaking Breaking Kayfabe series.

This is the 3rd interview in the series, having spoken to Sean “X-Pac” Waltman & Jerome “New Jack” Young”, so by this time the viewer gets this is not your typical “shoot: interview. Sean Oliver sits across the table from the guest and asks the questions you do not expect to be asked. Oliver gets the hard task of talking about the Savage-Elizabeth Huelette rumors and her untimely death, the humongous strain in the relationship between the Savage/Poffo camp and WWE and of course the WWE Hall of Fame.

Poffo is a good guest; I speak from experience having spoken to him on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio ( for the cheap plug), so I was not surprised how good the decorum was between Lanny and Sean. In the ninety minutes (longer than Young & Waltman) the above topics are covered plus Poffo’s current lifestyle choices (nothing R rated so relax readers), his feelings on the way WWE treated the Poffo family after Randy Savage passed away, how the Frisbee poetry came into his life when he entered the WWF of the 1980’s & the long standing rumors of his ability to place appendages into his mouth.

I will not air my personal opinion about the Poffo family stance that Randy Savage goes into the WWE Hall of Fame with Lanny and Angelo or he never goes in, however I will tell fans this is worth the view if you want to see behind the scenes on how much love the Poffo family had for each other. Sean’s recent appearance on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio can be heard through where he also outlined his best and worst of 2012 plus what is coming in 2013.

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