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11/26 WWE Raw Recap

We open up Raw with Ryback coming to the ring.


Ryback vs Titus Oneal

This is feed me more match for Ryback.  Titus Oneal has done a great job on comentary that past few weeks.  After about 3 minutes Oneal hits a big spine buster, but only gets a one count.  Ryback quickly switches the momentum and hits the Shell Shock for the win.


After the match Ryback gets on the mic, look out, and tells the crowd he wants Punk and the 3 outsiders in black tonight.  And he is not going to take no for an answer!

We come back from break with Ryback in the ring still waiting for Punk.  5 members of security are now in the ring waiting trying to get Ryback out of the ring.  One of them attacks him and Ryback tosses him over the ropes.  He lands very badly on his right knee.  Out comes Vicki Guerrero and she tells Ryback he needs to leave the ring.  Ryback tells her to shut up.  He says he wants Punk.  Vicki says if he leaves the ring she  will give him his rematch ant TLC.  He says he also wants it to be a TLC match.  She agrees so we now have our Main Event for the TLC pay-per-view.  Ryback vs Punk in an TLC match!!!

Backstage We see Rosa Mendez yelling at Hornswaggle for spraying her with water last week.  Alberto Del Rio walks up and starts to give Hornswaggle trouble.  Right in the middle of it The Great Khali walks up and tells Del Rio to back off.  We have our next match.


The Great Khali vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio and Khali actually work a decent match.  Khali is looking pretty rough, but he is giving it so hard to Del Rio now.  He sets him up for his finisher, but Rodriguez jumps up on the apron to distract the ref.  Del Rio takes advantage of it and locks on the arm breaker for the submission.


Winner-Alberto Del Rio


Backstage Vicki is approached by Paul Heyman and CM Punk.  Punk wants to know why he has to face Ryback again after beating him in the last two pay-per-views.  Valid point.  She tells him to bad.  He is not only wrestling at TLC, but tonight he has a match.  He will face whomever the WWE universe picks tonight in the WWE survey.  Daniel Bryan or Kane!!

After the break we get our first interview with Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns.

Cole sits down with the three invaders.  He starts to ask some questions but Ambrose cuts him off quickly and tells him to not beat around the bush, ask the questions he wants too.  So he asks them if they are working for CM Punk.  Ambrose says “Nope”. Rollins says they are here to stop what is wrong with wrestling.  To fix the un fair.  to shield people from the unjust.  Reigns says he will speak when he has something to say.  Ambrose tells Cole that they would have helped Ryback or Cena if they felt they were being treated unfairly, but it was Punk who was.  Ambrose says they are the Shield.  Regins then says he has something to say.  They have said enough.  This interview is over.


After the Break we go back to the ring….

Alica Fox vs. Tamina Snuka

Tamina is getting quite a push here going into her feud with AJ.  She makes quick work of Fox hitting her father’s Big Splash from the top rope for the win.


Winner-Tamina Snuka

After the Break John Cena hits the ring ready to talk about last week with AJ.  He says he has never been asked about anything more than how was it kissing AJ.  He says he never kisses and tells but……..out comes Vicki Guerrero.  Vicki has a gift for Cena, matching his and her robes for him and AJ.  Vicki laughs and laughs, until we get AJ.  Out skips AJ to tell Vicki that now that she is Raw GM anymore, she can do anything she wants.  So she slaps Cena on the ass.  Very Funny.  She then tells Vicki without the power of GM, Vicki could never land a man.  Out comes The Showoff, Dolph Ziggler.  Dolph tells Cena the reason he was so mad on Smackdown is because he knew that when AJ was kissing Cena she was thinking about Dolph.  Cena tells Dolph he is going to shove that briefcase down his throat.  but Vicki stops him and says tonight they will face off.. Cena vs. Ziggler.

After the break we have Wade Barrett at the announce table ready for the next match.

Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai

Non-Title Match

Barrett is looking very thin, not sure what’s up with him.  Barrett is wrestling Kofi for the Intercontinetal Title at TLC, so he is here scouting.  Tensai is really controling this one.  Lots of power moves that Kofi is bouncing back from one after another.  Kofi gets tossed out of the ring, and when Tensai reaches to get him he catches a trouble in paradise.  Kofi follows with a high cross body from the top rope.


Winner-Kofi Kingston

Backstage we have Daniel Bryan and Kane arguing about who is more popular.  Bryan brings up a map showing the world is voting for him.  He tells Kane it’s too bad they are not voting in Hell.  Kane says maybe he will send him there to check.  Josh Mathews walks out and has the results.  It is Kane!!!  But Bryan has a match, against Rey Mysterio!!!  Next!!!

Rey Mystero vs Daniel Bryan

This is the first time these two have ever wrestled each other.  They take to the outside early and Rey misses badly.  He works it hard with his knee, and hopefully it is only show.  Back in the ring Bryan takes control and flings the little man around move by move.  Rey changes the patterns his way and sends Bryan out the ring.  He is hot and angry.  Back in the ring Bryan puts Rey in the Tree of woe and hits a running drop kick.  He follows it up with some European uppercut that sends Rey out of the ring.  After some backand forth action Rey takes it too the top rope and hits a flying head scissors.  Rey then sets him up for the 619 which he misses and Bryan trys to lock on the labelle lock, but Rey gets to the ring.  Rey hits the sling shot, followed by the 619, into the splash from the top rope for the win.


Winner-Rey Mysterio

John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

This will probably be at the next Pay-per-view, but we get it for free here tonight.  They feel each other out here in the early going.  But quickly Ziggler takes advantage and begins to put on a show.  After working him over out of the ring and lays him out in it.  Then using his body and leverage he does some situps for good measure.  Ziggler continues to play to the crowd and dance and prances around like his is in a parade.  But after some quick work Cena slips on the STF.  Ziggler is in the middle of the ring, but some how works out of it, and lands a killer dropkick.  He then goes to the top rope and hits a high cross body, but over rotates and Cena picks him up into an attitude adjustment.  Ziggler half blocks and hits the zig zag.  But only for the 2 count.  Cena hits the you can’t see me, but his knee gives out and he steps out of the ring.  He is being looked at by the ringside doctor, in the mean time AJ comes out and distracts Ziggler.  Ziggler grabs the briefcase and a swing and miss on Cena. Attitude adjustment for the win.

Winner-John Cena

After the match AJ and Cena celebrate with a make out session in the ring.


Next we have a big one….

Sheamus vs United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

Non-Title Match

Cesaro is out first and really is making Sheamus work.  Cesaro is hitting hard with upper cuts and punches that Sheamus is giving back two fold.  Pretty rough stuff.  In the end it is Sheamus breaking out of Cesaro’s finisher and hitting the brouge kick to send Cesaro out of the ring.  He is counted out as Big Show walk down the ramp with a chair.  He punches the chair into pieces.  What’s to come…..


Winner-via count out Sheamus


Damien Sandow vs Zach Ryder

Damien is getting quite a push here and Ryder is heading in the other direction.  Sandow is overshadowing Ryder with his technique.  But Ryder is still over with the crowd.  They want him in the winner’s circle so bad, but not tonight Zach.  Sandow hits his finisher.


Winner-Damien Sandow

We are now into the Main Event of the night

WWE Champion CM Punk vs Kane

This is the match the WWE universe wanted (wink wink).  They start out with some ground and pound to help Kane out.  He is moving around better than normal.  Punk quickly takes an upperhand though with the guidence of Heyman.  Reaching deep in his bag of tricks he takes Kane out of his game.  Kane then works him back out of the ring and sets him up for the end.  He gets him in the ring and gets ready for the tombstone.  But out in the crowd we see the Shield working their way down to the ring.  It gives Punk just enough a distraction to sneek in a  GTS for the win.


Winner-WWE Champion CM Punk

After the match the Shield climb in the ring and look over Punk.  Punk brings his fists to a fighting stance, but the Shield jump Kane.  Punk slides out and the Shield continue to beat Kane.  Out comes Daniel Bryan to save his partner.  The waste him in no time.  Then we hear the crowd chanting Feed Me More!  Feed Me More!  And sure enough here he comes.  Ryback hits the ring and levels the Shield.  But Punk attacks and the Shield takes advantage.  The Power Bomb Ryback for the third show in a row.  We are left of the image of a destroyed Ryback, The Shield Standing tall in the ring, and Punk at ringside looking on confused.  Maybe.



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21 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Did Vickie nearly corpse in that bit with CM Punk?!? (when going through who was in the poll for Punk’s match tonight)

  2. eddie says:

    Vickie said it right away daniel brayn or kane

  3. -J- says:

    im so happy they are doing this aj cena angle each and every week…and throwing in vickie ahh fantastic tv.


  4. thatGuy says:

    Scott, I too thought she had a bit of trouble getting though that segment with Punk

  5. J-Ro says:

    Rita Repulsa would make a better GM than Vickie Guerrero.

  6. Paul says:

    @ J-Ro – I agree. I would much rather hear “I’ve got such a headache!” instead of “Excuse me!” every week.

  7. Joey says:

    Cena runs out first time: limp.
    Cena runs out second time: fine.

  8. FrischDVH says:

    And now to hear the Disney lawyers cracking their knuckles over the trio calling themselves the SHIELD. Oh look there is FX’s lawyers too.

  9. FrischDVH says:

    John Cena….Rated PG-13 Superstar. Or Rated PG-13 Drama Queen…..that at least rhymes.

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    When I saw that Punk vs. Bryan might happen, I got excited and was about to watch RAW for the first time in months- but then it was just Punk vs Kane and suddenly watching the Family Guy Star Wars episode for the 9th time became more interesting.

  11. eddie says:

    Is ut just me or does everyone realize the shield is gonna attack Kane to me its a give also how did Kane when the vote by that much if #wwebryan was trending worldwide on twitter

  12. Dave K says:

    The Shield storyline is another waste of time. Same stuff, week after week…3 weeks now. No wonder WWE’s ratings are in the toilet.

  13. Ian says:

    Disney/Marvel wont have a case for a lawsuit as Marvel’s version its not The Shield its S.H.I.E.L.D and its an acronym that stands for Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division…FX and the TV show on the other hand might

  14. Joey says:

    Was Survivor Series that long ago? Man, time flies when you eat turkey. Uh oh, guys, Dave K calling his shots here, Shield doing the same thing next week.

  15. Agent Cooper says:

    Zzzzzzz… Same thing every week. Absolutely nothing about that recap makes me even remotely interested in watching the show. Expect another crap rating.

  16. What? says:

    “Barrett is looking very thin, not sure what’s up with him.”

    Oh, good. He’s clean.

  17. Darrin says:

    did we not see this same storyline last year when NXT workers came out and attacked Cena ? Rehashed storylines make for very low ratings… oh wait the WWE thinks that no one remembers more than a couple of months at a time .

  18. dave says:

    The Shield are meant to cater to the IWC. Not working? Oops.

    I like it, though and it may result in more call-ups. Ex-Indy stars coming in to change the WWE landscape and cater to wrestling fans not entertainment drones? Give it time and once again with Punk, the Shield are able to destroy three over faces in Ryback, Kane and Bryan convincingly.

    And where’s Cena? Taking part in the soap opera angle with Vickie/Dolph and AJ. Why complain? Cena isn’t dominating the TV time and our main story involves Punk, Ryback, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns seems a dark horse (excuse the pun) too.

    You cry for change and when it arrives some cry louder. Who’s the real problem??

  19. -J- says:

    they are missing the money with a john cena cartoon show, a superhero who gets the girl and never gives up…joo cant c him wordlife!

  20. FrischDVH says:

    Not true. Even though it is an acronym Disney could still sue for the purposes that the name is the same. They would contend that brand confusion could be caused and intellectual property rights violated. Its why WWE isn’t the WWF anymore. Also why WWE paid Marvel a royalty over the use of Hulk, and to White Wolf games for Gangrel. Ever wonder why Nash & Hall never called themselves the Outsiders in WWE? It is because the name belonged to Warner as a part of their DC comics.

  21. jim says:

    Alberto del Rio has no direction

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