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WWE’s Top 50 Most Beautiful People in Sports Entertainment History posted a list of their top 50 most beautiful people in sports entertainment history. Here is the top 10…

10. Torrie Wilson
9. Cody Rhodes
8. Sunny
7. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
6. Stacy Keibler
5. The Rock
4. Eve
3. Trish Stratus
2. Randy Orton
1. Miss Elizabeth

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10 Responses

  1. -J- says:

    beautiful in terms of what…wwecom and its frivolous list.

  2. Marci Long says:

    Sorry, but Randy Orton is MUCH more beautiful than Miss Elizabeth!!!

  3. Dragon says:

    really surprised the HBK, Jericho, Lita, jeff/matt hardy, sable didnt make the cut even more surprised eve was rated so high above the rest of the divas and cody is a mistake.

  4. Prince Dann says:

    From what I can remember,Jeff Hardy is on the list. Melina, Mickie and Maria are too :)

  5. Kerry says:

    A Rhodes on a list of beautiful people. lol

  6. Brandon says:

    Maria should be #1

  7. Geoff says:

    Umm why did Jericho not take his rightful place at No 1? This list is as void of standard as it can be.

  8. carlycane says:

    Torrie and Stacy should be higher on the list. Push Trish and Eve down some pegs. Kick Katilyn off of #50 and add Rosa Mendes.

  9. Agent Cooper says:

    Somebody in WWE management has a hard-on for Randy Orton, but that’s been obvious for some time now. Probably Vince.

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