WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results 11/24/12

Nov 24, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/24/12 Commentators: Josh Matthews & R-Truth


-El Local vs. Justin Gabriel

They exchange arm drag take overs and pins attempts until El Local hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for a near fall. Local delivers a vertical suplex and applies a lateral press for only a two count. Gabriel turns the tide with a monkey flip and follows up with a roll through belly to back sit out power bomb for a two count. Gabriel whips Local but Local reverses the whip into the corner and charges in but Gabriel moves and Local hits the turnbuckle hard. Gabriel hits a springboard moonsault from the second turnbuckle out of the corner and turns it into a scorpion death drop for the 1-2-3.


Winner: Justin Gabriel


-The 3rd Degree: What are WWE Superstars thankful for?

Eve: Friends and family

Drew McIntyre: The beautiful music of 3MB

Mick Foley: His hair, his one ear, and winning smile

David Otunga: Spending time with family and friends

Santino: The companionship of the cobra

Dolph Ziggler: Thankful for being such a gift to the world and the WWE universe and he is most thankful that he remained humble.


-Thanksgiving Pie Eating Contest

The Miz host the contest between R-Truth, Santino and Zack Ryder. They will have one minute to eat as my pies as possible. Before the contest begins, R-Truth informs Miz that Little Jimmy needs a seat and Miz gets him a chair. Miz provides the play-by-play as the pie eating insanity ensues. Time is up and the winner is…..SANTINO MARELLA. A food fight taks place with the three contestants until Brodus Clay arrives with the Funkadactyls and Santino passes out due to a sugar crash


-3MB (Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal) vs. The Usos

Slater arms drags Jey and celebrates in the corner with some air guitar. They exchange some quick covers and Jey moonwalks into the corner and tags Jimmy. Slater and Mahal gets mad at their dancing and charge after them but the Usos back body drops them over the top rope and on to the floor as we go to commercial


-Antonio Cesaro with a “Don’t Try This at Home, School or Anywhere” PSA


We are back and Mahal hits Jimmy with a sidewalk slam and applies an abdominal stretch. Jimmy hip tosses Mahal to break the hold and tries to tag his partner but Mahal brings him back to his corner and tags Slater. Slater applies a reverse bear hug but Jimmy arms drags Slater to break the hold and follows up with a Samoan drop. Jimmy crawls to his corner but Slater grabs his leg to prevent the tag but Jimmy makes a desperation dive and makes the tag. Jey hits Slater with a shoulder block off the top rope and follows up with a flying forearm. Jey covers Slater but Mahal breaks it up and Jimmy clotheslines him out of the ring and follows in pursuit. Jey goes to the top rope and Drew McIntyre tries to stop him but Jey knocks him off the apron which provides enough of a distraction for Slater to run up to the ropes and powerslams Jey off the top rope for the win.


Winner: 3MB (Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal)

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