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AJ Lee on how popular video games are with WWE talent posted an interview with AJ Lee…

Q. How popular are games with today’s WWE Superstars and Divas?

AJ Lee: It’s funny. I think there was a generation before us that were party animals, and that was their pasttime. We’re just like a nerdy, awesome generation that everyone just goes back to their hotel, gets less sleep, plays video games, and reads comic books. That’s the thing to do now. That’s why when we have the THQ Superstar Challenge, it’s fun, because a lot of us are gamers and it’s just like talking smack all year until you get there. I won it last year, and now Kofi’s after me for the next one, so look for that.

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  1. Nick says:

    Thats why the industry is the way it is. Less time spent perfecting the art form makes for a lame product.

  2. Captain Ass says:

    Oh, so it’s because of video games that the product suffers? No, it’s because WWE has no competition, so they have no reason to get better. The wrestlers are given the opportunities they have from the time allotted, and most of them make the best of it.

  3. Jau says:

    The WWE sucks because it’s not a wrestling company anymore.

  4. JD Storm says:

    lack of competition is one of the biggest problems WWE has, right now. if any other group posed a serious threat to WWE’s success, Vince would be doing whatever it took to stay/remain at #1.

    i think a smaller part of the problem is wrestler development. in this case, i think many wrestlers don’t spend enough time getting experience outside of WWE before joining the company. however, this is a trend that seems to be changing, at least a little bit.

  5. Alex says:

    She won the last one?

    Man, that chick is just awesome…

  6. rofl says:

    Nick & Jau, stop being cry-babies & get your homework done, I’m sure your mommies will be mad if you don’t make it past 7th grade.

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