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Bret Hart talks the attitude era, Undertaker, retiring, and more posted in an interview with WWE hall of famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Here are a few exerts:

– “By the early ’90s when I was sort of in my prime, we started moving to the Attitude Era and I like to think that I kicked the doors open for the Attitude Era.”

– On his match with The Undertaker at Summerslam 1997, “One of my favourite matches of all time.”

– “When I was done wrestling in 2000 — that’s when I got hurt and retired — I had just about run out of every move. I couldn’t think of anything else, at least at the time. I remember thinking I’ve done everything I could possibly think of as far as endings to my matches, moves, counters to my moves, little add-ons to different sequences of moves, I always felt I had personally exhausted myself out.”

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  1. ROB_MOR says:

    I became a real wrasslin’ fan after Owen Hart died, by that time Bret was in WCW and I mainly watched WWF. Didn’t really catch the tail end of Hart’s WCW run, but remember some of his big matchup’s when I was a kid. I think he’s pivotal to the sport end of the business, but never really list him as the most important in my book. That being said, he is quite important to the business. Would be interesting if he opened a wrestling school and called it the dungeon or something.

  2. jim says:

    He lacked the personality.

  3. rebel says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Bret was the only wrestler in history who was a great singles heel, a great singles face, a great tag team heel and a great tag team face.

  4. Jon says:

    @rebel I think Shawn Michaels was as well, which was probably why they matched so well. On a personal note I was not a fan of Bret’s promos, or at least the ones I saw on his DVD.

  5. rebel says:

    @Jon. First, I’m talking in-ring work and psychology. Bret didn’t really need promos until near the end of his career, his gimmick was that he was a wrestler (yeah seems like a novel idea…) Second, Shawn was amazing as one half of the Rockers, but he was never in a real heel tag team, you can’t really count DX or Diesel. Plus, his psychology took a backseat to his ego before his first major injury (not saying he wasn’t capable though). In Bret’s case, you can list dozens of great matches in all four categories. I can’t think of a single great tag team match with Shawn as a part of the

  6. Dragon says:

    I believe the likes of Jericho and Eddie Guerrero also deserve acknowledgement as great in all 4 realms along with a few others but those 2 really stand out for me.

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