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WWE diva arrested


Wrestling diva Kaitlyn was arrested earlier today at a WWE event in Michigan … and it wasn’t part of the script …. TMZ has learned.

It all went down at the Van Andel Arena … sources tell us the 26 year old was taken into custody by the Kent County Sheriff stemming from an old speeding ticket.

Were told shortly after she arrived at the arena police showed up with a warrant … she was hauled to a nearby police station where she was booked and took a pretty impressive mugshot.

A short time later Kaitlyn — real name Celeste Bonin — was released on a $315 bond.

Kaitlyn released a statement to TMZ .. saying, “During a previous visit to Michigan, I was cited for a traffic violation. I am fully cooperating with authorities to resolve the matter.”

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6 Responses

  1. Hipnosis says:

    YES!! Finally it wasn’t DUI!! lol

  2. Joey says:

    That is a pretty good mug shot

  3. Ryan T says:

    Glad it wasn’t anything too serious. She’s a babe.

  4. Travis says:

    The cops must be total marks. They went to the arena to “arrest” her for an unpaid parking ticket or failure to appear at their county jail in front of Boss Hog and the gang. Cops would never go out of their way to track down anyone else for such a minor offense. They always wait to catch you driving dirty. These guys were clearly marks just trying to get backstage.

  5. Joe says:

    With a name like Celeste why would they give her a very average ring name of Kaitlyn?

  6. DBRude says:

    That’s the best jail photo I’ve ever seen! Next to Garey Busey’s, that is.
    : p

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