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WWE superstar hints at a return in two months

WWE superstar Bray Wyatt (the former Husky Harris), who is recovering from torn pectoral muscle, posted the following on Twitter yesterday…

“2 months #Raw”

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7 Responses

  1. McMahon says:

    Can’t wait.

  2. Mr. Black says:

    He’s going to scare the little children.

  3. Kerry says:

    Bray Wyatt? Why not use his real name or dress him up and call him Irwin R. Schyster II?

  4. Chris Epic says:

    Lou Albano wants his look back…

  5. ManWhale says:

    Bout time. i was wondering why there was no word on him. he’s a good talent

  6. Nick says:

    This will be good, great great gimmick

  7. gnich62 says:


    You obviously haven’t seen his work in NXT or Smackdown. He’s been crazy good lately.

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