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Raw rating drops again

Last night’s Raw did a 2.7 cable and 3.84 million viewers. The numbers is down from last week’s 2.86 rating, and disappointing considering it was the night after the Survivor Series.

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  1. Chunk Lovelong says:

    I wanna see a wrestling match between Stephanie and HHH’s babies.

  2. carlycane says:

    Three hours is killing the show.

  3. Submission says:

    wwe is boring and has been for many years now

  4. Jono says:

    @Mike Im not trying to completly bury TNA here cause its always healthy to have competition, but they are averaging a 1.2 rating and almost have been for like 2 years

  5. -J- says:

    If it aint broke don’t fi….ah wait a minute.

  6. dave says:

    @jono so TNA has been at a level rating for a while? WWE continues to drop so how was your statement meant to prove Mike wrong? TNA hasn’t had a steady growth in ratings but there is now a 1.5 difference between the two and three years ago there was on average a difference of 2.4? Thereabouts. The gap is closing and while TNA still is nowhere near being consistent, its offering “wrestling” fans an alternative, while the WWE is struggling to decide if its a wrestling company or an entertainment company and in the process losing disenchanted fans who fall in either category. Just my two cents

  7. Zomas says:

    @ Jono and Mike

    Hate to break it to both of you but you are both wrong. TNA’s have been down drastically. TNA last year had a rating average of nearly 1.2. By the time this year is done, it will be less than a 1.0.

    By comparison, TNA’s ratings have fallen faster than the WWE’s ratings. In less than 8 months TNA has lost about 30% of its entire viewing audience. TNA has not had this many episodes that have scored less than a 1.0 since 2007.

    You can say what you want about the current TNA product but drawing a number is not one of them. Since Russo left the company, TNA has lost a significant user base, their rumored PPV numbers are down and their attendance figures are not up. The only figure that is up is the internet buzz by the IWC. If this doesn’t prove that the IWC’s opinions do not equal ratings and PPV buys then i don’t know what is.

    Factoring in the approximately 30% loss of viewers when TNA has never been able to hold a steady 2 million viewer figure for more than one week. That’s alot of people not watching impact any more.

    You can see some of the ratings figures for impact at

  8. Later Marks says:

    Really think WWE cares if their ratings go down, plus they have the number one show everyweek on the network. WWE only cares about making money, and they make a lot of money everyday.

  9. Later Marks says:

    Oops forgot to put a question mark after down

  10. Chris Epic says:

    That’s all fine and well there Zomas, but u wasted time proving something no ones saying. We never said TNA’s ratings never dropped, but fact is they keep theirs around the same number, whether its down ftom last year or not, but WWE’s have been progressively dropping the last several months. So u keep kitchen sinking stuff from years ago, while the rest of us discuss current events. Like how SD & Impact may get the same rating sooner than later.

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