Jake Roberts comments getting in shape with Diamond Dallas Page

Nov 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Josh Stewart of Newsday.com is featuring an interview with Jake “The Snake” Roberts where he talks about working with Diamond Dallas Page to get back in shape.

“Damn I’m thankful. And it’s changing the way you look at things because you’re walking differently, you’re eating differently, you’re able to do things you hadn’t been able to do in 20 years. I mean, it feels good, man, to be able to move, you know, like a man, instead of like an old man. I mean, it sucks getting old, but if you do the right things and take care of your body you’ll last a hell of a lot longer. I mean, if you buy a new car and don’t change the oil the sun of a [gun] is going to break down soon. But, we’re changing the oil, we’re changing the headlights, we’re changing the damn tires, everything. And it’s going to be a long journey. But I’m excited.”

(thanks to Josh Stewart of Newsday.com & Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com)

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