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Randy Orton runs into a celeb in Dayton

Randy Orton via Twitter:

Just trained at a LA Fitness in Dayton Ohio, and ran into Dave Chapelle. Had to do a double take, dudes put on some muscle!

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  1. Mr. Black says:

    Whatt?? That’s crazy, I would love to see what he looks like now.

  2. ManWhale says:

    Wtf? that is a random person to run into at a gym. good to hear he’s taking care of himself. when i first saw this, i thought it meant he got into a fender bender with fabio or something

  3. DBRude says:

    Must be tired of people spitting his old catchphrases at him. “I’M RICH, BIAAAAAAAAAATCH!!!”

  4. The Kayfabe Ninja says:

    Tyrone Biggums meets Randy Orton, wish I was in on that exchange!

  5. dude says:

    Dave’s lived in Ohio for a long time… Been full time since he’s largely quit the biz

  6. WWE says:

    Watching CM Punks celebration i kept thinking of Dave Chappelle’s Rick James impression, ITS A CELEBRATION

  7. Matthew says:

    Dave Chappelle gained muscle? That’s bodacious!

  8. -J- says:

    Obviously training for his Wrestlemania moment.

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