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11/19 WWE Raw Recap

We start the show off with a recap of Survivor Series from last night.  CM Punk retained the WWE Title for one full year.  We see the NXT group run in on the main event.  Ryback’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring…

Ryback says that the 3 men that jumped him last night are now his prey.  Tonight though he has his own prey.


Ryback  vs  Tensai

Tensai and Ryback have wrestled before and it did not end well for either.  Ryback got the win, but could not pick Tensai up for his finishers.  Well tonight he did.  It is a quick match with Ryback dead lifting Tensai into his finisher.


We see a promo for later tonight we will have a celebration for CM Punk.  1 year champion!!

Back from break we head to the ring….

Intercontinetal Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

This is a non-title match.  Kofi starts it out with so quick high flying action.  He amazes me with his vertical leap.  He throws Wade into the corner and leaps to the top rope for a big knee and a rollback.  Wade spends the next few minutes of the match wearing Kofi down with some ground and pound.  Wade tosses Kofi out of the ring which looks like Kofi lands wrong. Kofi comes back and hits his SOS.  But just when Kofi thinks he had him in his sights, Ball Hammer Elbow!!!

Winner-Wade Barrett

Back from the break we see clips of Brad Maddox and his journey to screwing Ryback.  Followed by his destruction from Ryback.

We the see Paul Heyman in the back walking around with a big picture of CM Punk holding up the belt.  He knocks on Punk’s dressing room door.  Punk answers and he is wearing a shirt that says I’m a Paul Heyman Guy.  Heyman tells Punk he is going to throw a party tonight that they will be talking about on the 2000th episode of Raw.  Matt Stryker walks up and asks Punk if he has any comments on the 3 men that jumped Ryback last night.  Punk says Stryker is disrespectful.  Heyman says that tonight is about a celebration.  A celebration that everyone is invited to.  Even Ryback, which upsets Punk.

Back to the ring…

Kaitlyn vs Aksanna

Kaitlyn has some payback for Aksanna from last night.  She was jumped by her in a blonde wig.  Eve said she had nothing to do with this incident….we will see.  Kaitlyn makes quick work of Aksanna




Back to the ring….

US Champion Antonio Cesaro vs Brodious Clay

R-Truth is guest announcing on this one.  He says he is here on a scouting mission.  He is scouting the Champion Cesaro.  Truth also says Little Jimmy is not with him tonight.  Cesaro starts the match out by taking Clay’s legs out and grounding the big man.  Clay works his way back into the match by power moves.  But Cesaro locks on the neutralizer and picks up the big man.


Winner- Antonio Cesaro

We now see a video showing John Cena receiving an award for reaching the 300th Wish granted for Make a Wish.  If you can’t get behind John Cena, you’re crazy.

Back from break we have Vicki Guerrero coming to the ring with a man and a woman at her side.  As she begins to talk the crowd gives it to her.  Vicki says she had nothing to do with Tamina Snuka attacking AJ last night.  She introduces the two people.  She says that the first lady is Whitney Smith.  She said that she is a waitress for a hotel in Sacramento.  The waitress says that Cena and AJ wanted a private table.  And that they were very touchy feely.  She then introduces the second person as a parking attendant who saw Cena and AJ park in a car for over an hour.  This brings AJ out to the ring.  She tells Vicki to either fire her or shut the hell up.  Vicki says she has a picture of Vicki and Aj in the car.  Hit Cena’s Music.  Cena comes out and tells Vicki this is how you get people talking.  He then lays a huge kiss on her.  He turns around and tells Vicki that’s how you get people talking.  AJ swings Cena around and gives him an even bigger kiss.  Out comes Dolph Ziggler and jumps Cena.  Cena chases him back to the locker room.  Limping badly.  I think he hurt his leg picking up Ziggler.

Back in the ring

2 out of 3 falls match

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

This match comes with baggage from last night.  Orton eliminated Del Rio, but Del Rio’s team got the win.  Crowd is hot for Orton.  It feels like he is on the verge of a big push again.  Great start to the match with both men working each other over hard.  Del Rio takes an advantage and pulls Orton over to the ring post and starts slamming Orton’s arm on it over and over.  the ref counts to five but Del Rio continues.  The ref calls for the bell and Del Rio is DQ’d.

Winner of first fall  Randy Orton

Orton’s arm is pretty bad.  He is favoring it.  Del Rio takes only a few moments to capitalize on this and locks on the arm bar.  Orton taps out.

Winner of the second fall Alberto Del Rio

The match restarts with Orton in some big trouble.  Del Rio smells blood in the water.  Orton is going to have to use his head to win this one.  Del Rio begins to mock Orton.  Imitating the Viper by pounding mat waiting for Orton.  Del Rio then attempts to hit the RKO.  Orton blocks and then trys to hit his RKO.  Del Rio blocks and locks on the cross arm breaker.  Orton locks his hands to block the hold.  He then rolls it over and Del Rio breaks it on his own.  Del Rio then walks into an RKO!!!!

Winner-Randy Orton

We now watch video of Cena injuring his Leg in the ring earlier.  The slow it dow and we see he hurt his left leg.  Backstage Cena is getting his knee wrapped while AJ watches.

In Ring Action….

The Great Khali  vs Primo and Epico

Hornswaggle comes out to the ring and takes his place in Khali’s corner.  He is carrying a vase of flowers and walks over to Rosa in the Colon’s corner.  He is going to give her the flowers, but when she reaches for the he squirts her with water.  This distracts Epico who walks into an Punjabi Plunge.


Winner-The Great Khali

Back from the break we have David Otunga walking to the ring.  Not good for him.

David Otunga vs The Miz

Cole lets us know that both of these guys were the last members of their Survivor Series teams added.  Miz by the WWE Universe and Otunga due to Cody Rhodes’ injury.  Otunga is making quick work of the Miz.  This would be a huge win for Otunga.  Otunga continues to carry the match by wear down moves.  Head lock after head lock.  Punch after punch.  Otunga has a strategy and it is working.  But as the match seems to be heading in Otunga’s direction, The Miz takes control back his way.  There is nothing Otunga can do, Miz, Finisher, Winner.

Winner-The Miz

We head back to the ring for a great match up!

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Before the match begins Sheamus grabs a mic and says he is very disappointed in The Big Show.  When Show beat him at Hell in a Cell he was OK with that.  But when Show threw the ref in the way of the Brouge Kick, he made it personal.  He says that after Hell in a Cell he still had a smile on his face, but he does not have a smile anymore.  He tells Show to come down to the ring.  Big Show’s music hits.  Big Show gingerly walks out on the ramp.  He tells Sheamus he has nothing to prove to him anymore.  He knocked him out once and he is still the Champ now.   Just as this conversation is getting good, Damien Sandow’s music hits.  Sheamus is not very happy about this.  As the bell rings Sheamus begins to take out his anger for Big Show on Damien Sandow.  Damien is holing his own with Sheamus, but this apears inevitable. Sheamus is working over Damien’s arm building towards something.  Sheamus then grabs Damien’s beard and throws him out of the ring.  But once they are out on the floor Damien takes it to another level.  He comes accross clean and sophisticated outside the ring, but once the bell rings he is angry and vicious.  This is a street fight folks.  Sandow puts Sheamus in a reverse chinlock, but Sheamus works his way out.  Sandow brings him to his knees with a knee to the gut and locks on the hold again.  Sheamus has had enough.  He goes to the top rope and hits the battering ram, followed by white noise, and the brogue kick!!! What a match!


Backstage we see AJ walking up to talk to Vicki who is standing with Tamina.  Vicki asks AJ if she has met Tamina.  AJ says she plans on getting to know Tamina very well in the near future.  AJ says she knows Vicki sent Dolph out to the ring and now Cena is hurt.  She wants to know what Vicki is going to do about it.  She says nothing.  So AJ says if she won’t AJ will do something about it.

Back from break We see AJ walking into the Men’s Locker Room.  AJ walks up to Dolph and asks him who the hell he thinks he is?  Dolph cuts her off and tells her that girls like her are a dime a dozen.  She came from nothing and is nothing.  That she has never had any attention so when someone gives her a little attention, she gloms on to them.  He tells her she is trash.  AJ freaks out and starts to attack Dolph.  Cena comes in and pulls AJ off of him.  Dolph then jumps Cena and the action spills into the bathroom.  Both men fall in to the stalls and Dolph then kicks Cena’s knee.  After the officials break them up, they call for a doctor for Cena’s knee.

Backstage Josh Mathews that Cena has gone to the trainers room.  His injury is worse than it was before, but how bad?

Back to the ring….

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Team Hell NO

Non-title match

The Prime Time Player are on guest commentary for this one.  The prime time players are talking about how great they are and Lawler is giving them trouble.  The tell Jerry to have some heart.  Wow.  Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara start this off bringing the crowd to their feet.  Sin Cara stole the early part of the show last night and he is carrying it over to tonight.  The match is great, but the commentary is better.  Titus Oneal is killing me.  Meanwhile Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara are working a great match.  Sin Cara is much crisper in last few weeks.  Rey and Kane are both tagged in.  Rey goes to the top rope, but Kane catches him with an uppercut.  Rey trips Kane up and hits the 619.  But now the Prime Time Players jump in the ring and attack Kane.  Rey and Sin Cara come to their aid.  We are left with confusion.

Winners-No Contest

Back from the break we have Paul Heyman in the ring with some pictures of CM Punk and a list of the top 10 title reigns in WWE history.  Heyman is booed by the crowd, to which Heyman says the WWE universe does not boo him.  He says everyone tweets that they want the attitude era back, but last week when they went a little extreme everyone freaked out.  Preach on Paul.  He then welcomes CM Punk to the ring.  We hear the static and the crowd goes crazy.  Punk grabs a mic and begins…..Shawn Michaels couldn’t do it.  HHH couldn’t do it.  Bret Hart couldn’t do it.  The Undertaker could not do it.  Dwayne could not do it.  We now see a video package for Punk.  It walks us through the last 365 days under Punk.  Punk says today is not about the past, it is about the future.  About catching the top of the list, Bruno Sammartino.  2803 days as champion.  Paul says that Bruno could not beat CM Punk.  He says Hulk Hogan could not beat CM Punk.  Punk then says that last night was the best match of his life.  Hit Ryback’s music.  On his way out to the ring he is jumped by Ambrose, Rollins, and Raign.  Ryback fights back, but they are too much for him.  They Powerbomb him through the announce table again.  The three men climb into the ring as Punk comes to Ryback on the floor and stands over him with a foot on his chest.


Fade to black.

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17 Responses

  1. maverick says:

    Tonsil hockey?

    Thank you King for making my night!

  2. jim says:

    Cena looks like he legitimately rolled us ankle pretty bad chasing zigs. Might be an injury

  3. jim says:

    Guy doing the updates. Def rolled an ankle bro

  4. -J- says:

    he wears low top tennis shoes surprised he doesn’t roll his ankles every night.

  5. craig says:

    Does this mean we can have a cena AJ live sex celebration? Lol. And have edge and Ric flair come out. Haha.

  6. Jono K says:

    Is the Miz getting a face reaction?

  7. eddie says:

    Shamus and big show chair match at TLC that’s a a given to me.

  8. dude says:

    Khali is still around?

  9. Bob says:

    Alright this is going to be a completely random question that has nothing to do with RAW but who do you think will be inducted into the wwe Hal of fame first, Chavo guerrero or Vickie Guerrero?

  10. Joey says:

    Fire Cole and Lawler, PTP for commentary

  11. frank says:

    @bob, your a idiot

  12. Rex Anderson says:

    Ryback said feed me more, at the end of the night, he was full.

  13. Dave Kilgore says:

    All the hype about a celebration and that’s all we get? Who writes this crap? Perfect spot for a Rock video appearance or something, but we get NXT guys jumping Ryback and doing a replay of the PPV?

  14. heehee says:

    It’s Striker. Not Stryker. It’s Aksana. Not Aksanna. It’s Brodus. Not Brodious. It’s Reigns. Not Raign. Geez, is the person who wrote this even a WWE fan?

  15. Michael Hirn says:

    Miz def got a face pop inside the arena tonight from the rest of the people around us and myself.

  16. Fisha695 says:

    @Dave Kilgore I think because of the Cena injury (if it’s legit) and the 3 AJ/Cena backstage segments that followed it(scripted on the fly?) it caused the show to “Run Long” so they had to cut stuff out so basically the end of show promo got cut down to just a short promo & the attack.

    I must also say I was surprised to see a 2 out of 3 falls match on TV.

  17. Jessica says:

    I went to the live show and it was awful live.

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