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CM Punk reaches a milestone as WWE champ

CM Punk hit a very important milestone today as the current WWE champion
has clocked in 365 consecutive days with the title, the first man to go a
full year without losing it since John Cena in 2006/7. Punk won the title
at last year’s Survivor Series, defeating Alberto Del Rio with the
Anaconda Vise. This is his second run with the WWE title and he also won
the World Heavyweight title on three different occasions in previous years.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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13 Responses

  1. havok says:

    good for him, great talent…he deserves it. and before people start complaining, hes losing to the rock at the rumble…you got 2 months to go

  2. Alex says:


  3. Kado says:

    He can’t be champion forever be glad it is the rock and not cena

  4. James says:

    Yeah? Bruno Sammartino held it for 2,803 days. Makes Punks record look like a spec.

  5. Urvy says:

    James-Only difference is that Punk is not bitter towards WWE unlike Bruno. Don’t get me wrong, that is an accomplishment, but Bruno needs to let go of his grudge against WWE.

  6. eddie says:

    Reason bruno is bitter towards wwe in my opinion believe about right one have wanted way to long to induct him into the hall of fame and second reason doesn’t like way they have treated the hall of fame making it a joke by inducting people like Pete rose and drew carey(I know misspelled his last name)

  7. eddie says:

    I wanna say something else to in my opinion being champion this long know is harder because they defend the title alot more then they use to

  8. WWE says:

    The highest in the tv shows era onwards is Cena 380 Punk will probably pass that the next PPV is about 20 away.

  9. NCW Promoter says:

    No They Do Not Defend It More Than They Used To And Bruno Should Be In The Hall Of Fame WHY No Bob Backlund And Why No Ivan Koloff Uncle Ivan Belongs In The Hall Of Fame And So Does
    Prof Tanaka,Ray Stevens, Tony Garea,Larry Zbyszko,Rick Martel,Randy Savage, Sky Low Low,Haystacks Calhoun, Madusa,Joyce Grable And Vicki Williams,Mr. Saito, Rick Rude,Ken Patera And Many More

  10. Kerry says:

    There is no way Dwayne Johnson will be winning the WWE championship, he’s too busy being a movie star to start wrestling again to defend the title.

  11. rebel says:

    @eddie. “they defend the title alot more then they use to” means you have a lot of work on modern pro wrestling history ahead of you.

    @WWE. What the hell is the “TV shows era”?? Do you really believe that Raw was the first TV show?

    All that knowledge just waiting online, and yet the general quality of today’s wrestling fans keeps dropping…

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