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Poll results: Did you find the fake Paul Heyman heart attack distasteful?

Did you find the fake Paul Heyman heart attack distasteful?

Yes (62%, 380 Votes)
No (38%, 233 Votes)

Total Voters: 613

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18 Responses

  1. ManWhale says:

    Distasteful? never. besides, he was just making fun of jerry lawler. it’s not like it’s somebody who matters. distasteful is removing all the chris benoit dvds from the shelves, distasteful is the angle with vickie and aj, distasteful is allot of things, but making fun of a situation that’s over with isn’t. bunch of sensitive people who still need their mom’s permission on right and wrong were the ones who answered yes for this.

  2. Scott says:

    If Lawler approved of the angle, the answer is a flat out NO

  3. ManWhale says:

    oh my god. michael jackson was a known child molestor his whole life and was adored even more so the moment he died. so, what seperates that demon from this one?

  4. Saint Savage says:

    I’m sure if Vince could’ve made a buck off of Benoit without being labeled a monster he would’ve. Hell they had Lawler dump whiskey down that alcoholic Jake Robert’s throat.

  5. ManWhale says:

    when vince put god in a match with shawn michaels, he proved there is no grounds of right and wrong to him. that’s why i want them to relaunch the benoit dvd

  6. Travis says:

    Why do wrestling fans do this? For years wrestling fans have been crying for the attitude era to return. We want edgy TV again…push the envelope wwe…bring back attitude. SO they give you an angle with some attitude and here come the marks to bitch about it.

    Wrestling fans are the absolute worst. Nothing is ever good enough, and even when you try to give them what they ask for they still bitch and find a way to take to the blogs and complain. Unbelievable.

    Distasteful? Kiss my ass. Lawler was OK with it, and Heyman/Punk were great. Figures the most entertaining segment is distasteful. If it doesn’t have a sock puppet cobra or a fruity woo woo woo or a 400 pound jerk off dancing with little kids while his balls jiggle all over the place lets get it off of the show right?

  7. heehee says:

    I didn’t thought it was distasteful. I thought it was just boring. It would have been a lot more effective if they had mocked Jerry Lawler in a quick and concise manner – then the crowd reaction would have amplified. Dragging it out for so long though only left the crowd numb.

  8. Prince Dann says:


    Nice scathing reply there, to Manwhales pro wrasslin gossip comment. Don’t tell someone not to write a whiny comment, when that’s what your name is on this site. You write “scathing replies” on so many posts. So stop being a walking contradiction, and allow people to have an opinion. An opinion isn’t wrong, just because you don’t agree. Instead of trying to convince everyone they are wrong and you are right via your bitchy schoolgirl comments, just shut up and realise everyone has a different opinion.

    As for the original post, if WWE, Jerry Lawler, Punk and Heyman thought good of it, then its not offensive. Like someone said above, fans want attitude, then whine because of too much attitude.

  9. ManWhale says:

    But like prince dann said, that’s just my opinion

  10. ManWhale says:

    @travis, paul heyman is apparently a travis guy cuz he just stole your speech.

  11. Travis says:

    I saw that he totally stole my promo last night!

  12. ManWhale says:

    You say no good, i’m gonna take the political side and chalk it up to population control.

  13. ManWhale says:

    @travis, we need to make you the “paul heyman’s a travis guy” t-shirt.

  14. Prince Dann says:


    first, I never mentioned Chris Benoit in any capacity.. because this post originally has nothing to do with him. My point was you.

    You write, the things that sound witty in your head, thinking you’re clever. But if someone else does it, you think of something to say back. This is clearly because, to you, your opinion is correct, and everybody else should accept it as the only opinion and agree.

    When, your posts rarely make sense. They look like, you’ve read the comments section, gathered the general opinion, and have just written something that opposes them, just so you can be the different one. Pathetic form of attention seeking, because you know if you say something controversial, then you will get a response. On this site, in your mind you’re the clever one. In everyone else’s mind, you’re a complete idiot.

  15. ManWhale says:

    @princedann ain’t that the truth

  16. ManWhale says:

    I’m not a bad person. I’m just the kinda person who’s not gonna act like something that happened to other people affects me directly. So what some people died? are you gonna be upset that i eat eggs since it promotes abortion too? stop acting like you’re life was ruined cuz of that. it ain’t your kid, ain’t your family, so why care?

  17. ManWhale says:

    so let me ask, would it be better if he left the kid in the world alone with that burden? the dude snapped, it happens. in a world so cold, what else would you expect? whatever his problems were, we can always use this as a future reference. without bad, where’s the good? thousands of people die everyday in messed up ways and you’re only defending 2 people. to ask for sympathy for this situation is strange to me, even george price agrees with me. and if you don’t know who that is, i’ll let you figure out to give you something to do.

  18. ManWhale says:

    You keep saying you proved a point. entertain me, exactly what point are you trying to make? is it about me being a bad person or benoit being a bad person? either way, i know i’m bad in my own way, and yeah benoit was a muderer. we all already knew this before you said anything. so seriously, what are you trying to prove?

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